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Seven Ways to Promote Your Business for Free on the Web

Posted on: July 24th, 2012 by No Comments

So you’ve started a company and built a great website. Now you just need people to go to it. How can you make that happen, short of hiring a pilot to write the address in puffs of exhaust in the sky (which really would not be cost-effective… or environmentally friendly)? Use the magnificent internet as your low-cost or no-cost PR firm. Here are seven ways to promote your business online for nothing or next to nothing.

  1. Get Reviews: Ask a few loyal customers to write reviews of your business on any websites on which it is currently listed. Businesses with higher ratings get preferential ranking in search results.
  2. Get Listed on Google Places: Go to the Google Places website and enter your company information, including name, phone number, website, and address. You’ll be sent a postcard containing information to help verify the address. Then you will be given a map listing for your company.
  3. Create Google Coupons: Google offers a free coupon tool that makes your coupon accessible through local searches. Coupons are an excellent resource for luring in new customers and reminding old ones that you’re still in business.
  4. Get a Basic Listing on Everyone knows about the Yellow Pages – the brand has a long history that dates back way before the days of the web. It makes sense to create a basic (read: free) listing on their site to broaden your company’s visibility.Promote your business online for free
  5. Get Listed on Yahoo Local: Yahoo local is another great resource whereby internet users can discover your business. Sign up takes only a few moments, and your listing should be accepted in less than 20 days from your initial sign-up. Once your business listing is created, make sure to remind a few satisfied customers to write reviews of their experience with your company.
  6. Use Google Merchant Center: As part of Google’s “one box service,” Google Merchant Center (formerly Google Base) pulls from many different data sources to find the most appropriate search results for a query. Upload your business name, special event information, or product promotions onto the Google Merchant Center, and you’ll receive preferential placement of your business in search engine results.
  7. Join LinkedIn: Connect with people you know and meet new professionals through online introductions when you join LinkedIn. There’s a Questions and Answers section where experts can answer questions that have been asked by other members. Donate your time and talent to answer a few questions and you may spark some advantageous connections in the process, while simultaneously boosting your business’s online presence.

Stay tuned for even more tips for promoting your business online, coming soon!