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EDDM Mailing in Threes

Posted on: March 4th, 2020 by Hunter No Comments

The best things in life come in threes.

Every Door Direct Mailing(or EDDM) is most effective when used in a sequence. Elite Flyers recommends doing neighborhood saturations in waves of three. Once you have isolated the routes that you want to mail to, the next step is to do the mailing. Just one mailer may not be effective. The real trick is to send your mailers to the same areas consistently, while having some variance between the designs and messages. Start by getting their attention. Then, inform them about your business. On the final postcard, call them to action with an offer they can’t refuse.

Follow the pattern that we outline below to ensure that you mailing campaign is as effective as possible.

Mailer 1 :: Get Attention!

Three Beautiful Fruit Elite Flyers Printing Graphics Every Door Direct Mailing

This is most likely the first time a potential client is encountering your company or brand. This is your first impression; you want them to have a positive memorable experience. This needs be artful, attention-grabbing, and interesting. Have no illusions: they may throw your mailer away, but if you have good design and a powerful message, they will remember it. Which is critical for the next two steps.

Mailer 2 :: Inform, Advise, and Educate

This mailer may introduce your goods or services or inform your potential client about your business. The point of the second mailer is to make sure that your prospective client remembers your company, knows what you do, and recognizes your brand. These details vary widely from company to company, your goal is to ensure that your target audience know’s that you are there and what you do. You want them to be familiar with your products, or services.

Be sure to explain the details of your industry that may be unclear to an outsider. While you know your business, your clients may not be as intimate with your industry jargon. They may not know yet, what they need, or why they need it. This is why the second mailer in your sequence should educate your potential client to all of the relevant details of your industry and most importantly, inform them that you are there to help them.

Mailer 3 :: Call to Action

Three Dauphins Call To Action Elite Flyers Printing Graphics Every Door Direct Mailing

The final postcard sent with Every Door Direct Mailing is a loud call to action. You are offering them a deal that they can’t refuse. You’re showing them an opportunity they won’t want to miss. You’re making yourself a critical part of their business. This mailer is your final chance to make your sales prospect into a new client, so it’s important to get it right.

If you follow these three steps, you will increase your revenue streams and build your client base. Elite Flyers offers the full package for your business. Here on our website, you can purchase design, printing, postage, and full service mailing. With our fully integrated EDDM (Every Door Direct Mailing) route tool, you can even select the zip codes and mailing routes that you want to market your business to.

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