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Getting Started: What You Need When Starting a Small Business

Posted on: July 17th, 2013 by No Comments

Congratulations on starting a small business! At Elite Flyers, we’re a company that also started as a small business, so we know all about the tedious process of dotting every “I” in your paperwork and crossing every “T” with the state government, obtaining permits, etc. It’s no small feat! But once you get yourself established in the roughest sense of the word, trust us: you’ll want to waste no time in getting your name and knowledge of the nature of your business into the hands of potential customers. Here are some essential items every business should secure within the first few weeks of its existence, even if it’s not quite yet open for business. Better to have them on hand for when the time is right than to be empty handed on the ribbon cutting day!

1)    Business Cards

Hopefully this seems like a no-brainer to you. Business cards are a must to have on hand at all times when you are initially promoting your business to potential clients. And you will ALWAYS be promoting, especially at the beginning. As you’re starting your new business, the word “shy” should really slip right out of your vocabulary. You will have your custom printed business cards in your pocket at all times, making it much smoother and easier to seal up new connections with people you meet at the deli, at church, and of course at networking events. has a slew of options to choose from so that you can make sure your card creates a lasting impression. Check out the 3-D ones if you really want to stand out from the crowd!

2)    FlyersFlyers for small business, custom printed flyers,

When a business is in its infant stages, it’ll need all the exposure it can get if it is to grow and become profitable. Even very “businessy” businesses like law firms and real estate offices can make use of flyers to let people in the neighborhood know there’s a new kid on the block.

3) EDDM Campaigns

Every door direct mailing (EDDM) campaigns are the way to blanket an entire neighborhood or even zip code with a flyer or other mailer of your design. The cost is super low, and so is your effort level – will ensure that your postcard or mailers are mailed out to the areas you choose. Make recipients a special offer and you are sure to win new customers in your neighborhood with this affordable marketing strategy. Find out more at

Brochures for Small Businesses4)    Brochures

What are you all about? Yes, you can send people to your business’s web page if you want them to learn all about the services or products you offer. And yes, most people can get there at any time on their mobile phones. But why risk that they will get sick of squinting or forget to check you out by the time they’ve made it to a computer? Handing potential clients or contacts a brochure makes it easy for them to hold a guide to your best features right in their hands! Brochure printing is also extremely economical. It’s a great tool for any business – both new and established.

5)    A Great Website

Notice we didn’t say “an expensive website.” Many businesses do great with very basic web pages when they start out. The main thing is that the site exists, is free of major typographical errors, and contains such pertinent aspects as the “about us” section, “contact us” section, an overview of products or services, and ideally a few images. If you are not sure how to build a website, Elite Flyers offers web design and assistance packages that can streamline your efforts at a low cost. And don’t forget to start a Facebook and a Twitter account for your business so that potential clients have many ways to explore your new company.

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