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Top Reasons to Print Color Edge Business Cards – Painted Edges

Posted on: January 31st, 2020 by No Comments

Experts that look to showcase their individuality should look no further for super thick luxury business cards. These colored edge business cards give your brand an elite tailored look, unlike any other business card. You will definitely imprint a lasting impression while turning heads with your premium painted edge business cards. You are able to paint edges of a 24pt Linen card, 45pt Cotton card or the ultra thick 32pt and 48pt silk or velvet business cards. All styles of thickness will be forever printed into your clients head.

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Gold Painted Edge Business Cards
24pt Linen Stock

What are Colored Edge Business Cards? Colored Edge is an additional option where ink or foil is applied to the edge of the business card or custom printed project. Painted edge is available in one of 23 colors including fluorescents and metallics. If painted edge isn’t enough to make your brand shine than choose one of 20 foil colors to brighten your brand. Colored edges is the perfect accent to any business card. Imagine a Thick Business Card with the edges painted with a bright Fluorescent or Metallic Color.

Painted edge colored cards are available in a selection of business card sizes including:

  • 2 x 3.5 inches
  • 2.125 x 3.375 inches
  • 2 x 2 inches
  • 1.75 x 3.5 inches

Business Card Printing Templates are found here.

Recommendations when ordering Painted Edge Business Cards: We recommend printing on ultra thick paper stocks for colored edge cards. Our thicker paper stocks will provide a wider area to make your colored edge cards really stand out. These painted edge business cards come with an array of paper options too: Cotton, Silk, or Velvet. We can even paint the edges of classic linen paper stock too.

Thick Colored Edge Business Cards – 24pt card stock is thinner than 48pt card stock which is much thicker.

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Fluorescent Green Painted Edge Business Cards Printed on 28pt Silk Card Stock

Thick business cards with painted edges continue to be a useful marketing tool. Create an impact and bold statement with thick business cards with colorful edges. Why not show off your colorful side with a painted edge business card. Painted edge business cards will definitely add more personality to your brand. Proudly display your brand with your company colors painted or foiled on the edge of your business card. Elite Flyers offers a variety of stocks from a smooth to rough textured feel. Your business deserves to be seen. You can make your business cards stand out with one that is twice the thickness of an ordinary business card.

These durable business cards ward against wrinkles and tears. This creative colored edge printing process will always demand the attention of your competition. Customize your super thick business cards today with the help of our team of printing specialists.

Thick business cards with painted edges are stylish and set your image apart from others. These business cards will last three times longer than the average business cards.