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Postcard Mailing Campaigns to Gain Summer Business

Posted on: May 22nd, 2013 by No Comments

The lazy days of summer are right around the corner, but that doesn’t mean you should get lazy in promoting your business. Summertime is a prime opportunity for many businesses to gain new clients who are looking for ways to get their children out of the house now that school’s out. It’s also a great time for seasonal businesses to give themselves an extra push to ensure they eek out every possible dollar during these key months. And restaurants would be remiss if they didn’t launch some targeted campaigns to let consumers know that they offer to-go and delivery options. After all, how many people really want to turn their ovens on during the hottest months of the year? Like many things, new business is ripe for the picking during the summer months. It’s your job to let people know where they should spend their money, and EDDM (Every Door Direct Mailing) campaigns, also known as neighborhood saturation campaigns, are about the most affordable and effective ways you can get the word out to people in your ‘hood (and beyond).

Among the professionals that stand to see business thrive during the summer months are realtors. When school is out and vacation A direct mailer for a realty company, high quality flyers, eliteflyers.comtime comes, people may feel they finally have time to make a move, provided they can find the right new house (and of course sell their own). Let them know you can help by enlisting to do a turnkey direct mail campaign for you. Not only can you entrust to help with the design of your custom mailer, but they can print the full-color postcards AND see to it that they are all mailed out to your target market. You can choose to blanket an entire zip code or just specific neighborhoods therein. No matter which you choose, it could not be easier for you to get your face, phone number, email address, and website literally into your potential clients’ hands. Neighborhood saturation campaigns are also one of the most affordable advertising methods around. Check out right now to see how cheap it is to make your realty company a household name in your neighborhood.

Summer is a time of growth. Strawberries, blueberries, squashes and all sorts of crops are in their prime during these months. Unfortunately (or fortunately for you if you’re in the landscaping business), the grasses, hedges, and trees in people’s yards are not exempt from this rule. This makes summertime an excellent season for anyone in lawn care, but it’s not enough to have your name on your truck as you roll through the neighborhoods you serve. If you want to beat out the competition, an Every Door Direct Mail campaign is the only logical way to get your information in your customers’ hands. specializes in printing postcards An example of a retaurant mass mail piece, Silk laminated flyers, eliteflyers.comfor landscaping services. Check out the site now to see how easy and affordable it is to use our one-stop shop to print and direct mail your landscaping business postcards. You can easily saturate an entire neighborhood with your ad. And don’t forget to include a special offer on your flyer to give clients a reason to choose you over the landscaper next door.

Finally, no restaurant should skip summertime advertising. Those “lazy days of summer” we mentioned above do not exactly inspire most people to slave over a hot stove. The idea of takeout is already a great one in the minds of any moms, dads, elderly people, or young professionals during summertime. With the right postcard mailing campaigns, your restaurant can make it even easier for these eager customers to order from you over anyone else. Design takeout menus on a postcard or larger direct mail item, and will do all the printing and take care of the delivery to boot. You do not need to have a mailing list; we’ll go through every step for you. Go to to order your direct mail campaign now!