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Flyers for Tanning Salons

Posted on: April 15th, 2013 by No Comments

With Spring Break and summer vacation basically upon us, people are about to start peeling off their sweaters and boots… and realizing how pasty white they’ve become over the winter months. Before they take off for their sunny vacation destinations, most will want to upgrade their shade from blinding snow-white to a healthy golden hue, and if you own a tanning salon, it’s time to reel in those fish-belly colored patrons with some targeted bait. How do you hook them? There are two steps to winning new customers for your tanning salon. One: come up with an alluring offer. Two: Let people know about said alluring offer. The most affordable way to do the latter is to design and print some snazzy flyers and to distribute them wisely throughout your town.

We’ve printed some very effective flyers for tanning salons, but perhaps the best campaign we’ve seen was for a local salon that offered a free tan to first-time customers. There are no two ways about it: people love free stuff. If you design a flyer that offers a free reward to customers simply for walking through your door, you are onto something great. But how can you make this profitable? Well, there are a few ways to capitalize on this type of offer, but we must admit we like what this particular salon did. Upon walking through the door and handing over the flyer for the free tan, the clerk at the salon said, “Sure, we would be happy to give you the free tan now. Or you can redeem the flyer for a full week of unlimited tanning for just $25 instead. The normal price for a full week is $60.” More often than not, people would opt for the full week for $25.
a flyer for tanning salons
We think printing flyers for free tans and offering alternative offers once the client is in the salon is a brilliant move. The free tan offer is one that will get people into the salon most effectively: after all, people are always interested in free stuff! Then, once they follow up on the flyer’s offer and actually walk into the salon, they are presented with a choice – one they may find even more alluring. There is no pressure; the flyer is still good for one free tan, which they can have now. There is nothing misleading about the advertisement – again, the free tan offered on your flyer is ready for the taking, should they choose. But once they choose that option, you’ll want to inform them that the offer for the full week of tans for $25 is no longer good and they’ll be stuck paying full price if they decide to come back. For anyone who tans frequently, the paid offer makes more sense. (And for those who don’t tan frequently and are just pursuing a freebie for the heck of it, yeah, they’ll probably take you up on the single free tan and never come in again. Oh well, you win some, you lose some.)

If your flyer effectively causes about 50 percent of the people who carry it into your salon to take the $25 offer, you are succeeding by motivating people to return day after your day to your salon – to get their “money’s worth” for their week of unlimited tanning. As they come back in again and again, they will become more and more comfortable and familiar with your establishment. If your staff is friendly, your seating comfy, and of course if your beds work well, they will probably be willing to pay full price after a week of your special offer, if you give them a reasonable package price. This whole multi-step marketing maneuver is a truly fair and intelligent way to slowly lure people into becoming loyal clients, and it all starts with a great flyer.
A flyer for tanning salons
Of course, some people are wary of any kind of UV tanning, and so it’s a good idea to have an offer that doesn’t involve UV exposure. For example, if your salon does spray tanning, you may want to create a separate flyer to offer a special on this process as well. For example, you might lure them in with 50% off their first spray tan when you present the flyer at the desk, or maybe even 50% off a month of unlimited spray tanning. You can also offer product specials on your flyer – you can be as creative as you dare. Just remember that your objective is to get the client to walk through the door so you can wow them into becoming lifelong customers.

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