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Print Booklets for Fun and Profit

Posted on: September 11th, 2012 by No Comments

Creative people have a great outlet for expression in custom printed booklets. Citizen journalists, creative writers, visual artists, and experts wishing to share their unique knowledge can all make use of booklets for personal or profitable endeavors.

Elite Flyers’ booklets come in two sizes – 8.5”x11”, or full-page size, and 5.5”x8” half-page size. You can choose a page count from 8 to 32, in increments of four, for either size. The print stock is also customizable. One hundred-pound dull book stock is a thick, matte paper that works well when your booklet will be housing a lot of text. Because the paper is uncoated, it won’t reflect as much light and will make your booklet easier to read. The 100lb magazine stock booklets have a gloss coating that highlights full color printing nicely, making it a better choice for booklets that contain a bunch of images. The gloss coating also makes the magazine stock slightly more durable than the dull book stock.

Our half-page sized booklets are a favorite of local theaters because they make excellent playbills. Even our shortest 8-page booklets offer plenty of space for cast photos and min-bios, lists of acts, songs, and sponsors, and information on upcoming shows. For these projects, the glossy magazine stock is usually preferred over dull book stock.

Spas, hotels, and other enterprises also favor booklets when they offer too broad a range of services to fit into a standard brochure. Wedding planners and caterers also often use booklets to explain their range of services and to showcase photographs from previous successful events.A magazine

But you don’t have to own a theater or hotel to print customized booklets. We have inventive clients who have “published” small literary journals and ‘zines with us. They offset the cost of printing by soliciting sponsors whose advertising dollars more than pay for the print job. Then they make their finished ‘zines even more lucrative by selling the booklets for a few dollars each. In this way, creative types find an outlet for their talents without having to go through a major publishing house.

Booklets can be printed as instructions manuals for electronics, and they make good product catalogs as well. The high quality of Elite Flyers’ printed booklets conveys a positive message about your products that consumers will readily trust.

As another novel idea, actors, dancers, and models can go beyond standard head shots and resumes by creating booklets that put their resumes, biographies, headshots, and even live action shots from previous stage performances or sets in one easily accessible place. It takes a little organization to get your files ready to print, but once the job is done, it will make it much easier for casting directors to see your value as a performer. Plus, you’ll never have to assemble a “packet” to send off to agents or directors again.

Some people use booklets because they have a story to tell and traditional news outlets just aren’t listening. We know a woman who nearly cured her degenerative disease by the use of apitherapy, also known as “bee-sting therapy.” She contacted local papers to try to spread the word, but was dismissed every time. Instead of giving up, she self-published a booklet so that she could share her experience with others who might benefit from the same course of action.

Our booklets give you a platform to breathe life into a host of ideas, at a very reasonable cost. You don’t have to wait for someone to recognize your genius and put it into print. With full-color, custom-printed booklets in your choice of size and length, you can seize the day and put your own thoughts on the page, right away.