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Boost Morale with Balloons

Posted on: September 12th, 2012 by No Comments

We recently attended a large-scale family affair – a baby shower that doubled as an extended family reunion – where we had a firsthand opportunity to witness the powerful effect that balloons can have on an environment and the people who populate it. The green and open yard went from a pleasant, yet otherwise nondescript space, to a soft, magical fantasyland in a matter of moments as we brought the pink and silver balloons into the space. We tied them to tables, strung them around the tent poles, and let them float under the ceiling of the covered picnic area, making the scene instantly more festive and setting the mood for the celebration of new life at hand. The balloons were just as valuable for photo opportunities – they literally made every picture shine with conviviality, and we think they inspired bigger smiles in the guests in attendance, too.

Custom-printed balloons can bring all these elements to corporate or commercial events as well. Anyone who attended a birthday party as a child or swayed cheek-to-cheek at a high school dance has experienced the transformative effect balloons can have on a space. Your best friend’s backyard had never looked so magical… the gymnasium had never seemed quite so romantic…  until they were peppered by colorful dancing balloons. You can use this same psychological effect to bring a morale boost or increased attention to your business, whether you sell cars, furniture, flowers, or mobile homes. Better yet, you can use custom-printed balloons at your special event to increase brand awareness and lend a more professional air to your store or promotion. custom printed balloons

Weddings, sweet 16 parties, fairs, and many other private events are great places excuses to make use of colorful custom-printed balloons. The teenage birthday girl’s smiley face will be reflected in every shiny gem-toned balloon when she reads the words “Happy Birthday, Princess [insert her name here]” floating all over the dance floor.

Elite Flyers’ options for custom-printed balloons are pretty extensive. First off, you can decide whether large 11” crystal colored balloons or slightly smaller 9” standard colored balloons are better suited to your event or promotion. Then, you can choose your colors within each of those options. The crystal colors (“crystal,” by the way, indicates that the balloons have a jewel-like tone to them) we offer include black, white, burgundy, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and magenta. If you go with the standard color 9” balloons, you can choose from white, red, orange, yellow, green, baby blue, royal blue, and pink. The other nice thing about the classic color balloons is that you can choose your imprint color – black, white, burgundy, red, orange, yellow, green, blue and pink are all on the menu. With the 9” balloons, you can also choose to print in a single location or two locations on the balloons (two locations costs a little more, but it ensures that your audience will see your message, no matter what way the wind blows.

Next, of course, you’ll have to create and submit the design that you’d like to see flying high on your balloons. Simple, large-print designs are sometimes the easiest to see on balloons that will be floating and possibly moving around a bit at your event. When crafting your design, make sure to stick to a single color picture, logo, or name to print on the face of your balloon. And above all, have fun! That’s what balloons are all about, after all.

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