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Make Sure the Right People are in Your Club With Wrist Bands

Posted on: July 11th, 2013 by Terrell Hammel No Comments

“The beautiful people! The beautiful people!”

Wiser words were never spoken (or growled)… at least by Marilyn Manson. The beautiful people are where it’s at, especially in the world of nightlife. It may seem superficial, but it’s inarguable. People want to party and let loose with people who look great and who have good energy.

Think about it. We’ve all been in a situation where we walked into a nightclub and found ourselves ready to walk right back out the door minutes later. It wasn’t that the club wasn’t full. It’s that the club was full of people we’d rather not hang out with. Maybe half the crowd looks like they’re out in their pajamas (and it’s not a pajama-themed party!). Maybe it looks like the “before” contestants of every season of The Biggest Loser are all getting “jiggly” with it on the dance floor. Or perhaps just as bad, everyone is sporting a stuck-up scowl and acting like drinking their cosmos is the biggest chore in the world. In any of these cases, there’s an undesirable vibe going on in the house, and if you’re a club owner or manager, you want to avoid this like the plague. How do you do it? The answer is simple: custom wristbands.

Nightclub wristbands, tyvek wristbands, EliteFlyers.comCustom wristbands are the simplest way to target the “beautiful people” and to bring them into your club. In the light of day, you and your staff can scout the town near your bar, lounge, or club, searching for smiling faces with good energy… and maybe some good looks to boot. When you or your agents have spotted such people, you can literally “tag” them with your custom wristbands, making it easy for them to gain entry to your club, and at the same time ensuring that your dance floor will be full of gorgeous girls and good-looking guys. And like begets like. If you get this type of vibe going in your club, your reputation grows and people will flock to your doors, falling all over themselves to pay any cover charge and fork over cash for drinks for both themselves and the pretty ladies in the tall high heels.

Elite Flyers offers 12 different colors of wristbands, minimizing the possibility that people might try to reuse one wristband for multiple nights. (Obviously, you would want to rotate the colors from night to night.) Elite Flyers prints on high quality Tyvek wristbands which are 1” in width, giving you a great surface upon which to print your message while still remaining small enough that they won’t interfere with the wearer’s comfort.

Being able to hand-pick the people who come into your club is an excellent way to populate a new establishment or to turn around a club that has been headed in an unfavorable direction. Wrist bands are also ideal because they allow you to actually attach the party pass to the person you intend to invite into your club, making it impossible for your target to pass on your invitation to another person. You may want to consider creating a marketing “party package” of sorts, creating custom flyers for a special event and handing them out alongside your wristbands. You may give both flyers and custom wrist bands to the ladies you’d like to invite, allowing them to skip the cover charge, while delivering just the flyers to the gentlemen you encounter. After all, it’s never a bad thing to give the ladies a little extra encouragement to come into your particular venue.

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