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Get Glamorous with Flyers for Fashion Week Swim

Posted on: July 3rd, 2013 by No Comments

As if Miami weren’t already hot enough – and we mean that in every sense of the word – it’s time to turn the A/C up an extra notch because the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, Swim is fast approaching. Our beaches will be even more crowded with impossibly beautiful women, our sidewalks will be even more lit up with the hottest swim wear trends in the world, and people will be ready to party even harder than the other 51 weeks out of the year. Whether you’re a designer, a club manager, a hotelier or a restaurateur (even models eat sometimes!), you can take advantage of the incomparable marketing opportunity Fashion Week offers by relying on Elite Flyer’s sizzling-hot full-color flyer printing to fuel all your marketing efforts. Check out our high-quality work and low-low prices here:

There is a flurry of activity during Fashion Week, and there will be a lot of business owners who, like you, are looking to maximize the potential of this special, once-yearly trend-fest. Smart business owners will take a look at the calendar of events and plan their flyer distribution to coincide with the venues and events that are most likely to be a match for their clientele. Even smarter business owners will print flyers with premium design elements to match the sophisticated stylings of Gucci, Prada, Roberto Cavalli, FENDI, Louis Vitton, Chloe, Coco Chanel and Vera Wang. Luckily, Elite Flyers has a whole slew of outstanding design features that are easy and affordable to add on. Full-color foil is one of the hottest options you can add to make your flyers shine above the rest for Fashion Week. It uses colorful metallic inks and actual high-quality foil to bring your flyers to life. See the full list of premium options here: EliteFlyers.comsilk laminated flyers, full color foil flyers,

If you’re a marketing firm or a designer looking to draw attention to a fashion show or after-party, has both the tools and the talent to help you put together a flyer that will turn heads and drive the traffic you seek to your event. All flyers are printed on sturdy 16pt cardstock with vibrant full-color inks. For a matte finish, you can choose to skip the UV coating altogether. You also have the choice to add the glossy UV coating to one or both sides. All flyers are fully customizable to suit your specific needs, and prices are the lowest in the industry.

Fashion week is all about glamor, and fittingly, Elite Flyers has many glamorous design options that add class to your flyer for just pennies per printed piece. Just as fashion designers have an eye for superior fabrics, has a trained eye for high quality and unique printing materials for flyers. Full color foil printing, for example, is one of the most sought-after finishes in the print world today. In essence, the full color foil ink is a mix of aluminum foil and top quality full color inks that are applied to your flyer in the areas you choose after the normal printing process is done. There’s no match for full color foil in pulling in the eye with the dazzling colors and shine the process offers. This is a perfect touch for Fashion Week.

luxurious flyers, custom flyers, EliteFlyers.comYou may also explore silk lamination, which is like coating your flyer in a silky “suit” once the full-color printing process is done. This waterproof finish (perfect for Fashion Week pool parties!) is actually thin brushed plastic. You might call the flyer’s finish matte or shiny – it really depends on how the light is catching it at any given moment – but no matter what, you are guaranteed to call it impressive.

If you favor fashion that goes the extra mile, you may also favor a flyer that goes beyond your expectations. To that end, silk laminated flyers can be made even more dazzling with the addition of spot UV elements. UV coating is a thin and glossy plastic layer that can be applied to the entire flyer, as mentioned above, but for effects that seem to jump off the page, we recommend using spot UV printing, a method that adds the glossy finish only to specific portions of the page. When paired with silk lamination, spot UV pulls the eye in, causing every recipient to do a double-take. And of course, double-takes are good, because they make it “double likely” that your recipient is going to actually read the message you’ve printed on your flyer and that your call to action will be effective.

Don’t be “fashionably late!” Order your Fashion Week Flyers today!