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Impress Clients with Custom USB Drives

Posted on: June 20th, 2013 by 2 Comments

Business today goes far beyond selling products we can hold in our hands, bite into, or wear. Much of the sales world today involves the exchange of ideas, images, videos, and heck, even algorithms, in the case of application design. When you sell ideas and not body lotions, it can seem difficult to incorporate branded products into your business – products that most people know work well to basically burn your company’s name into the back of clients’ eyelids. But there are solutions for modern business branding as well. And has a marketing solution for every type of business, including graphic designers, video editors, writers, print editors, photographers, music producers, and web designers.

Among our popular tech-savvy branded items are our custom-printed USB drives. These cleverly branded products allow you to pass on your work to your client in a secure format, while at the same time letting you put a persistent company advertisement in his or her hand. Once the client gets done with his or her “ooh-ing” and “aahh-ing,” he or she will see that you’ve not only passed along your top-notch work, but also a useful data storage drive that can be used again and again. This initial realization is already a vote in your favor. The client appreciates that you’ve given her a little extra. Her sense of appreciation for what you do has grown, even before she sees your work.Custom flash drives, custom usb cards,

And beyond that boost of esteem for your company, branded USB drives are a gift that keeps on giving. Your client will use the flash drive to tote his PowerPoint presentation to the next conference or meeting he attends. Or, he might give the same customized flash drive, which clearly displays your company name and logo, to the next person on the project chain with your work still written on it. Perhaps this person is in a related field and will appreciate your work. Having a branded flash drive will make it exceedingly easy for this potential new contact to get in touch with you regarding future projects. If you printed your company’s URL or email address on the drive, this could easily mean more business for you, which translates of course to more profits.

In a world where tech businesses are arising out of nothing and often falling away just as quickly and easily, it’s important to pay attention to detail so as not to fade into the masses. Going the extra mile by making sure your business has customized products, like custom USB drives, is one way to make your presence known, and to keep your business name rolling around on the tongues of those who need you. Order your customized USB drives, as well as a ton of other custom products, right now at has extremely competitive pricing on customized flash drives, and we offer a choice of 12 fun colors to make your branded product stand out even that much more. The products are of the highest quality, and the drives come with fitted protective caps so that precious data can be transported without the risk of loss or damage. In addition, offers two different storage space options. For smaller files, you can go with 1 GB flash drives. For those who deal in larger files, for example in large-scale photographs, videos, or music files, the 8 GB option is most practical and useful.

Check out the pricing on these inventive marketing tools at You’ll be surprised; the costs are so low, you could barely buy normal, unbranded USB drives for what we’re asking. So don’t hand off any more data without sending your company logo, name, and URL along for the ride. Order your custom-printed flash drives at today.