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Flyers Tell Comedy Lovers Where to Get Their Laughs

Posted on: June 19th, 2013 by No Comments

When you’re in the business of making people laugh, you know that the need for marketing your comedy club is anything but a joke. Whether you’ve got the Wayans Brothers, Dave Attell, Colin Quinn, Gilbert Gottfried or the king of improvisation himself, Robin Williams, on the marquee, you’re not going to sell a single seat unless people know about it. No matter how big or small your headliner or your comedy club, event flyers can get the word out quickly, effectively, and for just pennies a piece.

Yes, radio ads can help, but their reach is extremely limited and your ad may not fall on the ears of the people most likely to actually attend your club. Plus, such ads often require you to hire voiceover talent, which can be pricey and way too time consuming to engage in on a weekly basis. Plus, unlike a radio station’s audience, your target audience shifts depending on who your comedian du jour is. And you probably also know that in a tough economy, advertising certainly can’t be skipped, but it would be great if it were affordable.A comedian doing his thing on stage

Flyers are the solution to both of these concerns. They allow you to either distribute broadly, to all the various types of people you might meet in a town square, for example, or in a much narrower group. If you’ve got an old classic like Gottfried taking to the stage, you may want to concentrate your flyer distribution around grocery stores, bingo halls, and diners where older folks spend their time. (Gilbert, if you’re reading this and you’re insulted… well, after spending an entire career making fun of and annoying people, we think you deserve it.) Then again, if a young and outrageous comedian like Daniel Tosh is coming to your venue, you would do well to head to the nearest college campus and start letting the young folk know with your eye-catching full-color flyers. If it’s Louis C.K., you might target the baby boomer generation; take your flyers and head to an earthy café that’s been around for a decade or two, or catch people as they leave another event – like a talk at a college or a concert – that might interest the same group. When you print flyers, you’ve got a cheap, effective, and highly dynamic way to get your message into people’s hands, no matter who or where they are. Your comedy club will have the capacity to … well, reach its capacity when you make use of this under-credited, old school, high-impact marketing technique.

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There is one final thing that can’t be overlooked when you consider printing custom flyers for your comedy club. The person you choose to distribute your flyers can play a crucial role in boosting the success of your club. If you can find a personable guy or gal to hand them out, that’s all you need. (Obviously a rude or obnoxious flyer distributor is not going to do your club any favors.) But as a comedy club owner, you are in a unique position in that you know a whole bunch of funny people. If any of your amateur comedians could use a part-time gig, enlist them to pass out your flyers and to give people a laugh along the way. That kind of creative marketing could do wonders to raise the visibility of your comedy club.