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Keep Customers Cool with Custom Drink Coolies

Posted on: June 18th, 2013 by No Comments

Summer is just beginning, and yet the mercury is already busting out of the thermometer here in Miami Beach, where is based. Luckily, we in South Florida have adopted special coping methods to help us deal with the inevitable extreme summer heat. One of the most important coping strategies is to keep the cold drinks flowing. And one of the most important tools for keeping drinks cold despite the scorching summer heat is the infamous drink coolie. Keep it cool and customized: order your affordable, personalized drink koozies at right away.

A drink koozie is a unique and special little device. Its functionality is two-fold: not only does a drink koozie provide ongoing insulation to keep your precious summer beverages cool, but it goes one step further to protect your innocent little fingers from the icy temperature of the can or bottle it wraps around. To recap, koozies (known to some as “coolies”) keep the cold in the can or bottle you’re sipping from, and away from your hands. If you’re thinking that this is a win-win, you’re surely correct. Oh, and we neglected to mention that they look pretty durn snazzy, as well.custom koozies, drink coolies,

By this point, you’re probably getting pretty excited about these magnificent “can mittens” or “bottle muffs,” as some like to call them. That’s understandable. In fact, we’re sure you can now understand how enthused your customers and even your employees would be if you offered them the chance to take a koozie home with them – one that was cleverly outfitted with your company colors, logo, and name.

Well, this doesn’t have to be an unfulfilled pipedream. You can make your koozie fantasies into reality today by ordering your custom can insulators at We have 17 different koozie colors to choose from, so you can make sure your can cooler is an accurate reflection of your company’s favorite look. In addition, you’ve got nine different inks at your disposal for printing your company’s design or logo on the koozies. With so many options, at hand, you’ll be ready for an ice cold drink, all wrapped up in a cool (but not too cool to hold onto!) little koozie, after you’ve sorted out the design of your drink sleeve.

Custom koozies (or coolies) are a great way to get your brand into the hand of potential customers without them having to buy or do anything. Everywhere your customer takes a drink, your company will be represented, presenting the opportunity for conversation starters about your company at any moment.

Once you’ve printed your custom drink coolies, you can give them away as a promotional item – tuck them in with the items your customer has purchased from your store as a special summertime gift. You can give them away at tradeshows, and if you do, everyone there will be on a mission to make it over for your table. Or, you can always sell the customized koozies. You can even use them as a fundraising sales item, where you donate any proceeds to a charity of your choice. This will aid in boosting your company image while you do good for others, both by giving to charity and of course ensuring that people’s drinks stay cool despite the summer sun.

So what are you waiting for? There are ice cubes melting out there, and bottles of sudsy beer heating up to undrinkable temperatures, as we speak! It’s high time you ordered your custom drink koozies  from Get started today, and don’t forget to ask our experienced professionals in the event that you need any help along the way.