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Show Your Customers the Light with Key Chain Flashlights

Posted on: June 13th, 2013 by No Comments

There’s nothing worse than fumbling around in the dark trying to get over to your car without tripping over a stump or falling in a pothole. By the same token, there are few better feelings than reaching into your pocket before what would otherwise be a dark and scary trip to your car, only to find a keychain light to illuminate your way. You can literally be a source of light (and safety) for your customers when you provide them with keychain flashlights. See how easy and affordable it is to order yours today at

If you’re searching for the perfect branded item to distribute to customers at the next trade show, convention, or fair you and your company attend, custom printed key chain flashlights are just the thing. Custom keychain flashlights are actually useful, unlike a lot of gadgets people pass out at such events. Think about it: what use is one of those foamy hand covering things? You know, the ones that make it look like you have a giant hand giving the “number one” sign? These are the kinds of silly items many companies end up distributing at trade shows because they consider them novel. And novel they are, until the potential customer takes them home and realizes how much space the useless item takes up in their home. At that point, they make a novel addition to the customer’s trashcan. You want to give the customer something he can use and appreciate, and that’s exactly what branded key chain flashlights are.

Custom flash lights, flashlights for your business, EliteFlyers.comWhen you come to Elite Flyers for your branded products, your company keychain flashlights and hundreds of other customizable products are guaranteed to be of the highest quality. Our keychain lights are of a simple, sleek design, much like a penlight. The little light bulb sticks out of the end of a small tube; the customer need only press down on the other end of the tube to activate the bulb. The tube itself is fully customizable. You can choose any of 11 colors to make the product your own. And of course, you can send us any design you like so that we can print your company name, logo, or any message you prefer on the barrel of these key chain lights, in any one-color ink you choose. The light comes attached to a sturdy key ring, making it easy for your customer to attach his or her precious keys to the product, and to take your branded keychain light wherever he or she goes. And down the line, when your customer saves the day by lighting the way for a group of his friends as he makes his way through the dark, the group will inevitably ask, “Cool, where’d ya get that thing?” To this your thankful customer will answer, “I got it from YOUR COMPANY NAME HERE.” This will open up an organic marketing opportunity for your company that you may have never even seen coming, and all because you chose to provide your valued customers with this cool giveaway item.

Keychain lights are a fantastic, inventive way to get your company name and message into the hands of your customers. The best part of this kind of marketing, is that your potential clients will truly appreciate your efforts as they effortlessly represent your brand everywhere they roam, simply by toting you around on their key chains. Consider giving them as a sign-on bonus item when new clients come into your gym. Give them away as “thank yous” to regular customers you see at your shop every week, or who regularly spend large chunks of their hard-earned money on your products. Or have a few on-hand to give to people when you strike up business-related conversations out in the world. They’re way more unique than a business card (although we have some awesome business cards too!).

Don’t wait! Show your customers the light by ordering your custom keychain flashlights with Elite Flyers today!