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Flyer Design Tips for Fathers Day

Posted on: June 6th, 2013 by No Comments

Father’s Day is around the corner and you’ve got just enough time to use this holiday to your marketing advantage. No matter what your business, you can use this important day as a tool for reaching out to new customers and bringing old ones back into your doors. Think about it: Mother’s Day is a much easier holiday for people to plan and shop for. Moms like flowers, chocolates, brunch, and white wine. Dads are much more difficult to shop for, which means that you can have a greater influence on your potential customers if you steer them your way this holiday. Here are some flyer design tips for Fathers Day.

1)    Spin It Your Way

Whether you run an auto parts store or a spa, use your flyer to make it seem as though your business is geared toward men. Of course it’s much easier to do this if you’re in a business that’s inherently manly. For example, auto parts shops might design flyers that advertise reduced-rate gift cards ($40 for a $50 gift card, for example) to “Every Man’s Favorite Store.” But if you’re in the spa business, that doesn’t mean you’re counted out. Use flyers to offer reduced rate gift certificates for a “MAN-icure,” or some “MAN-scaping” if you’re in the laser hair removal business. More manly men get A flyer for an adventurous fathers daygroomed these days than ever before, so don’t think your business is counted out for Father’s Day just because your primary consumers are women.

2)    Use Colors That Fit With the Holiday

If you think about it, you’re actually looking to reach women and children, not dads, with your flyers. They’re the people who will be buying Father’s Day gifts, after all. But that doesn’t mean you want to design your flyers in pinks and pastels. Your target audience will have Dad in mind when they’re doing their shopping, after all, so you will want your flyer to reflect that. Use greens, blacks, blues, grays, reds, and other colors that are traditionally associated with masculinity. Check out for examples of some well-designed flyers and to order yours today!

3)    Include the Date

We spend about 4 BILLION dollars less on Father’s Day than we do on Mother’s Day each year. Obviously, people are not as concerned with honoring dads as they are with honoring moms! To this end, you may actually want to include the date of the holiday on your flyers to remind people to get their shopping done (with you) before it’s too late! (FYI, Father’s Day is on Sunday, June 16th this year.)

4)    Make It Easy

If you want to increase your profits this Father’s Day, why not print flyers that advertise an offer that consumers can take advantage of without even leaving their homes? Many MANY people order flowers for delivery for Mother’s Day. You might consider offering a gift basket that can be delivered to dads’ doors for Father’s Day. That way, customers can simply call in their order, pay with their credit card over the phone, and then your team can do the rest. This works great if you own a specialty food shop or a candy store.

5)    Men Love to Eat…High quality flyers for fathers day, silk laminated flyers,

… so if you are in the restaurant biz, you’d be crazy not to print flyers that offer a special Father’s Day dinner deal. We’re not just talking steakhouses and other places that are typically man-friendly. These days, more and more men are turning their minds to eating healthfully. If you own a healthy restaurant, you can print flyers that offer a good deal on a healthy Dad’s Day meal that will really show you care about your father’s good health.

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