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Flyers for Cleaning Services

Posted on: May 29th, 2013 by 7 Comments

We live in a world of specialization, and many people would rather look to experts to take care of life’s little details rather than do so themselves. To this end, cleaning services are in high demand, but navigating among the options out there can leave the average consumer at a bit of a loss. Many cleaning services do little to advertise themselves, and what efforts they make leave something to be desired. Tacky flyers and sloppy looking business cards don’t do much to persuade the average customer looking for an excellent, reliable service. What will usually lure in new business is a special offer presented in a professional format. Flyers are a great medium for achieving this goal.

Print Flyers That Are as Neat as Your Company

People are looking for neatness, thoroughness, and a great deal when they turn to a cleaning company. Your flyer has the ability to convey all of this if you put in just a little effort, and you can print great flyers for very little money. Whether you offer a maid service, a mobile car washing service, a boat cleaning service, high-rise window washing, or any other type of cleaning service, you’ll want your flyer to look clean and tidy. Even if you offer multiple services, be careful not to clutter your card with too many pictures or too much text. This will subliminally connect your company with ideas of mess and clutter, which of course is less than ideal. Instead, go for clean lines, whites and bright colors, and clear, crisp text in uncomplicated fonts.

Include Images that Sparkle

Flyers for cleaning services make great platforms for showing off a little bit of bling. Many flyer printing companies offer special printing options like foil-stamping and full-color foil printing, which can do wonders to make an otherwise average flyer stand out with great shine and sparkle. Foil-stamping bonds pieces of die-cut gold or silver aluminum foil to a high quality, full-color, 16pt cardstock flyer only in the places you specify. Full-color foil adds ink to the foil so that you can achieve any sparkling color of the rainbow. You can use this design element to print your company name in shiny metallics, to light up your logo, or to make it look like the cars in your design are gleaming with cleanliness. That kind of attention to detail can make potential clients stop, take notice, and give your company a call.A Flyer for a cleaning service, 16pt card stock flyers,

Offer a Special Deal for First-Time Customers

There are many people out there in your neighborhood who have not yet enlisted the services of a company like yours because they are apprehensive about cost. Make it easy for these people to try your service by giving them an excellent deal on their first trial of your service. Print a flyer that includes an offer for $25 off their first cleaning, or 20 percent off any service they choose. It’s okay if you will basically break even on this first-time trial deal. Wow the client with an excellent sparkling cleaning job and they will not know how they ever survived without you. They’ll be happy to pay full price the second (and third and fourth) time around when they see firsthand the value that an expert cleaning service can bring to their home, workplace, or vehicle.

A uniquely cut flyer, high quality flyers, EliteFlyers.comPrint Flyers in Special Sizes

Another way to ensure your potential clients look twice or three times at your flyer is to print it in a unique shape or size. This can also lend itself to creative design ideas. You can print a card with rounded edges, for example, and design it to look as though it’s a scrubbing sponge. You can also print square flyers, and design them to look like whirring washing machines. Any effort you make to be clever or creative will be rewarded triple fold when it comes to impressing and winning new clients.

Disclose Rates

With cleaning services, people do want to know what they’re getting into before they begin the process of hiring help. It’s best to disclose your rates upfront – and to keep them reasonable – so that people will have the confidence to call you up and get the ball rolling on a cleaner house or car.

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