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Spring Your Business into Action

Posted on: April 4th, 2013 by No Comments

The spring season is known as a time for new beginnings. When the crocuses are blooming, the streams begin flowing again, and sleepy animals come out of hiding in search of the season’s first fruits and sprigs, the world feels fresh and blank, like an artist’s canvas before the first drop of paint hits it. There’s a whole world of possibility at the top of the spring season, and that goes for your business as much as it does for your backyard flower garden.

The winter months bring a slow to everything, including spending (with the exception, of course, of the month of December). But as the sun starts to warm the earth just a bit more, and to cast a brighter glow on us and our fellows, people see their surroundings with a new pair of eyes. Curiosity is awakened and we’re more likely to want to try something new – whether that’s a new romance or a new restaurant or both. This renewed spirit and attention makes spring a great time to let people know your business exists, and maybe even to revamp your company’s image with new graphics, newly designed brochures, a new logo, new business cards, or new flyers to bring fresh faces through your doors.A spring themed business card

Use spring’s open state of mind to your advantage by presenting potential customers with spring-themed flyers. Maybe it’s time for your business to test out a special offer you’ve never tried before, like a 15 percent off coupon or a free gift with a minimum purchase. Whatever enticing idea you come up with, spring flyers are a great way to get the message across. Think about printing your spring flyers with season-inspired color schemes (get a graphic designer involved if you need help), and present a proposal that’s season-appropriate. For example, if you own a restaurant, you may want to think about highlighting some of your lighter menu items – like bright, flavorful and fresh vegetable dishes, salads and soups – to celebrate the change of seasons. People will also be starting to turn their attention to their summer plans, so flyers that give gentle reminders about bikini season can boost gym membership inquiries should you be in the fitness business. (It also helps if you offer to waive the sign-up fee or offer a free first month!)

If flyers aren’t your thing, you can still use the springtime buzz as an opportunity to overhaul your business’s image with new business cards. Whether your old cards were boring, tacky, cheap-looking, or simply outdated, the business card world has never had more options for your spring business card re-design. Not only can you get affordable, high-quality, super-thick 16pt cardstock business cards, but you can add premium options like silk lamination, which coats your card in tear-proof, water-proof, slick-looking plastic, for just a few cents more per card. Spruce up your card with spot UV , which adds strategically-placed glossy shine to your business card’s face (or back), for a similarly low price. You can even do both silk lamination and spot UV, or opt for a state-of-the-art 3-D business card  instead. With the start of a new season, you have every reason to experiment and create the innovative look and feel your business may have been lacking until now.

a sprng themed business card for realtors

As one last point to consider, is it easy for customers to access all the information that’s relevant to your particular product, service, or facility? If not, this spring may be a great time to put everything people need or want to know about your business into an easy-to-access brochure. Printing companies offer a host of folding options for brochures so that you can organize your portable presentation in the way you see fit. A full-color brochure is a collateral your customers will be thankful to have as a guide they can take with them for any-time reference or revisiting, but your employees will thank you too. A brochure can save them from having to answer the exact same questions over and over and over again, leaving them with more time to actually assist customers in making their purchases. Clearly, a good brochure can quickly save your company a lot more money than it costs.

So what are you waiting for? Spring won’t last all year, so ride the season’s energetic feeling and “spring” your business into high gear!