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Custom-Printed Bottleneck Hangers – Little-Known Marketing Magic-Makers

Posted on: January 23rd, 2013 by 2 Comments

Who said you can’t make money by just hanging around? Okay, it’s true, loitering is not the best skill to base a career on, but a different kind of “hanging” can work wonders for certain businesses, and the marketing trend has recently seen an upswing.

The tactic seems pretty simple – and it is – but because of its ingenuity, it gets results more often than one might expect. The on-site marketing method is known as custom-printed bottleneck hangers that advertise sales or discounts on all things beverage and nightlife related.

You have probably seen those on-site marketing campaigns that repurpose the empty walls in bathroom stalls as platforms for advertising everything from tampons to credit cards. The upside of this strategy is that coming face-to-face – or something like that – with the advertiser’s message is basically unavoidable. The downside to using these mini “billboards” is that your product or service will forever be associated with, well, the sight of toilets and the smell of, well, you know, in the customer’s mind. This is not ideal!

If you can pair up with a bar owner, though, and strike a deal to place your business’s bottleneck hangers on the beer bottles they pass over the bar, your product or service will be associated with fun,Custom printed bottleneck hangers, liquor store marketing, good time, and letting loose. This may work out if you own a bar or club-goers may be interested in frequenting. For example, not to stereotype, but if you own a gym or a tanning salon, putting your message around the necks of the drinks people in the neighborhood are drinking is one way to get your name and contact info into their hands. If you’re running a special (for example a free trial membership or a discount on tanning packages), you can use your full-color custom-printed bottleneck hangers as a platform to let people know what you’re doing. Better yet, the bottleneck hanger can double as a coupon for the offer itself.

Another great idea for strategically placing bottle neck hangers is in the liquor store. If you happen to own a liquor store, putting ads for discounted prices right around the bottles’ necks ensures that patrons will notice the special offer, even if a bottle is replaced on the wrong shelf. These bold marketing materials are also easier to spot than little red “sale” price tags business owners typically place on their shelves. And when you’re trying to market something, of course getting noticed is half the battle.

Finally, local businesses can pair up with hotel owners and managers to get special offers right into hotel guests’ rooms when they place bottleneck hangers around the water and booze bottles that come stocked in the typical mini-fridge. If you are a local restaurant owner, you may want to advertise a happy hour or a $10 off coupon Bottle neck hangers, custom printing, design a bottleneck hangerusing this highly noticeable space. If you run a juice bar, yoga studio, or nightclub, hanging bottleneck ads on these minibar bottles is a great way to let people who are new to town and staying for only a limited time that A) your business exists, and B) that you are extending them a good deal as an incentive to try you out.

When it comes to designing bottleneck hangers to print and display all over town, you’ll want to keep in mind that color is key. Bold hues usually get noticed and that visual attraction can prompt potential customers to follow up on your offer. Then again, it all depends on what you’re going for. Sometimes clean lines and simple designs send the message you want – and when done right, they get great results too. For advice on how to craft the best bottleneck holder for your purpose, you may want to consult a professional graphic designer. Then enlist a talented online printing company to produce the products you want, and go to town – literally – placing them in places your potential new patrons are likely to drink stuff!