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Companies Gain Loyalty with Newsletters

Posted on: August 28th, 2012 by 1 Comment

The idea of publishing a newsletter may seem like more of a pain in the neck than a good idea. But there are certain enterprises that benefit greatly by making use of this kind of marketing tool. Here are a few questions to consider before deciding to nix or say yay to a company newsletter:

  1. Would you like to give your business a more personable, relatable image?
  2. Is anything exciting or new happening at your company?
  3. Do you interact with related businesses and individuals as part of your business?
  4. Are you willing to do a page or so of writing every month to keep a newsletter rolling, or do you have a capable employee who will?
  5. Do you have a list of addresses of current or potential clients, or another way of distributing a newsletter? Or do you have enough employees to warrant printing a newsletter primarily for them?

If you answered “yes” to most of these questions, your biz may be on the market for a monthly newsletter. We have been surprised by some examples of beautiful newsletters recently and really intelligent uses of them. We’ll highlight one here.

Yogiiza is an organic clothing line based on Miami Beach. It’s run by married couple Mark and Dawn Oliver, two local yoga instructors who designed and firmly believe in all their natural goods. Their marketing initiatives appear almost accidental. They run free yoga classes led by guest instructors out of their warehouse once a week where local yoga enthusiasts and novices alike get to congregate, practice with the best instructors in the city, and partake of a healthy potluck after class.Custom printed newsletters

Their newsletter is dedicated to news in the local yoga and health community. Each month, they feature a photo of an artist, musician, or yogi on the cover, along with text highlighting his or her accomplishments. Their brand name is indeed on the newsletter, as are links to their website, Facebook, and Twitter pages, but they concentrate more on news from local yoga studios, instructors, and healthy living events than they do on their own product. They even feature funny and original cartoons created by Mark each month to round out their awesome newsletter.

We think this is brilliant. Not only does this kind of apparently selfless newsletter foster a sense of community among the people that are integral for success of the clothing brand at the local level, but by covering more than just what’s going on with their own company, Mark and Dawn actually offer useful and interesting information to a broad spectrum of people. They also develop a caring, personal, friendly, and approachable image for their company – something invaluable when you’re in the business of producing ethical, sustainable goods. In contrast to the many company newsletters that inspire eye rolls by attempting to elevate a record volume of TPS reports for the month of September to a point of broad interest, this newsletter actually lives up to its name: it truly offers “news,” and it’s addressed to the wants and needs of the individuals who will pick it up, like a personalized “letter” to its recipients. We actually look forward to reading it every month!

Using some of these counterintuitive concepts (who would have ever thought talking LESS about your company could be a valuable advertising tool?) can make your newsletter initiative equally appreciated.’s full color newsletter printing is quick and affordable. Print 1,000 of these easy-to-design newsletters for a mere $175 – a small monthly investment for a simple and powerful method of taking charge of your company’s image and reach.