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Five Unusual Promo Items to Boost Your Biz

Posted on: July 20th, 2012 by No Comments

It’s a universal truth: people love free stuff. People even get excited about stuff they would never buy if you offer it to them for free. Look at the success of huge corporations like Costco. And what’s the first thing customers of the superstore will mention when you bring up the company name? That’s right: the free samples that are always circulating around the place. People get excited by generosity, and this fuels repeat business.

So what does this mean to you? Chances are, your company isn’t Costco, and it’s likely that luring people into your shop with free finger food is an unrealistic option. That said, with a little creativity, you can still use this same underlying principle to drive new clients to your business, whatever it is. Here are five promotional items that will create customer loyalty without the customer even realizing it.

1. T-shirtsT-shirt

With casual styles dominating today’s preferred fashions, T-shirts are everyone’s favorite go-to clothing item. Creative and witty slogans increase the appeal for a huge segment of consumers. Just look at the popularity of companies like, which sell nothing but hilarious t-shirts aimed at men and women from their teenage years to late thirties. Create a stand-out witty or attractive t-shirt and potential customers will be clamoring to get one of these freebies at the next trade show you attend. You can also use your tees as contest prizes through your company’s social media sites, or sell them on your company website. However you distribute them, your shirts will be a marketing tool that keeps on giving, especially once your proud t-shirt wearers start parading your message all around town.

2. Mugs

A quality coffee mug is an indispensable item that will not only remain in a potential customer’s home for a long time to come, but is also guaranteed to be used and therefore seen frequently. These facts make branded coffee mugs an excellent giveaway item upon which you can print your company logo or message. Because printing mugs doesn’t come at a tiny cost, you may want to make your customers work a little bit for these “free” items – for example, you can give them away as a sign-on bonus when people sign up for your service or even your mailing list.

3. Magnets

For a message that will really “stick,” magnets can’t be beat. They’re an affordable item to print and they’ll see a lot of use in any active home. Whether they serve to hold up a children’s drawing or a list of things to do on a potential client’s refrigerator, your customer is guaranteed to be presented with your company name frequently when you slap a free magnet into his or her hand. Be absolutely sure to print your contact information (phone number or website) clearly on your magnet so that customers can quickly and easily get in touch with you when the need or desire arises.

4. Water BottlesCustom printed sports bottles

Active and environmentally conscious consumers will appreciate reusable sport water bottles as a thoughtful gift item. They can accompany clients to work, on bike rides, and at the gym, and every time the customer takes a sip of precious H2O, he or she will be presented with your company name and contact info. The connotation of such a giveaway item is that you care about conserving resources and fostering your clients’ health and wellness – both of which are desirable sentiments to impart. Gyms, spas, medical facilities, health food stores, yoga studios, and other wellness-centered businesses would do well to give away custom-printed water bottles as a gift for trying a service, attending an informational event, or making an initial purchase.

5. Drink Coolies

On the other end of the beverage-centered giveaway spectrum are drink coolies.  In contrast to sport water bottles, coolies are associated with relaxation, good times, and letting your proverbial hair down. These are a great freebie to give people who attend the opening night party for your restaurant or bar because they guarantee that they’ll be reminded of the fun they had long after the night is over.