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Developing a Successful Business Card Speech

Posted on: July 19th, 2012 by No Comments

If you want people to actually act on your card, you’re going to have to talk to them while you give it out. Yes, this applies even if you have a gorgeous foil-stamped card or a thought-provoking see-thru plastic card.

We know. Giving a speech is typically a stressful event for everyone. Self-promotion is also often uncomfortable for many people. So business card speeches, which combine the two, can be even more of a challenge. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Use our handy tips to simplify the process of making and delivering a successful business card speech.

Tip 1: Rehearse A Lot 
The reason people usually lack confidence when they give speeches is that they don’t know their material. You can eliminate this problem by practicing your business card speech and knowing it inside and out. Rehearse in front of the mirror and give it to a few trusted friends to test it out and see if you can remember it in front of an audience. Make sure it’s no longer than a minute.

Tip 2: Make a Map of Key Points 
Make an outline of things you want to touch on in your speech before you actually craft it. That way you know you will hit the key aspects of your business, services, track record, or anything else that sets you apart. Plus, you will be less likely to stray from the point and waste precious time.

Tip 3: Don’t “Cold Call” with Your Business Card

You can start getting to know your potential clients and contacts before you even meet them face to face by utilizing social media. Check their business’s Facebook pages and Twitter accounts; read their blogs; search the news for new developments in their industries. Sending pertinent messages, posting pertinent information on their walls or tweeting at them with interesting info can all contribute to building a relationship before you actually cross paths at the next convention or event. They will be impressed and grateful that you know who they are and what they’re about before you introduce yourself and your own business. And they may be eagerly anticipating the chance to meet you.

Tip 4: Adjust for Present CompanySilk Business Cards, Spot UV Lamiantion, Spot Gloss, Business Cards. Printing Company,
Get to know your audience a bit before you start your speech. That way you can tailor your speech to their specific interests and needs. You would rather stress the financial success of your company to potential investors; you would rather emphasize the great benefits of enrollment for potential clients. Knowing whom you’re talking to can make sure you use the brief time you have with listeners to your business card speech to your best advantage. You may also want to rehearse several versions of your speech for different audiences so that you are comfortably prepared for all.

Tip 5: Narrow Down Your List of Benefits to the Most Impressive
From your insider’s perspective, you may see every single benefit your company offers to be of the utmost importance. So take a step back and really try to analyze what the most impactful highlights of your business are. If you rattle off a page-long list of your company benefits, not only will you sound like a desperate guy selling novelty items at a crowded flea market (no offense if that’s what you do), but you’ll drown your audience in boredom so they don’t hear anything you have to say. In other words, keep it sweet and to the point.

Tip 6: Be Ready with a Great Business Card Presentation
At the end of your fantastic business card speech, you’re going to eventually hand over the card. Have your cards handy and stored in an attractive case. Have more in your coat pockets, glove compartment, desk drawers, and wallet. Just as importantly, make sure you design and print a good-looking card in the first place. Choose high quality card stock, saturating inks, and a clever design. A great card will only enhance your confidence in your business card speech.