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How to Market with Flyers

Posted on: July 3rd, 2012 by No Comments

So you have an exciting opening or event on the horizon and you think it merits some promotion beyond creating a Facebook invite. There’s no doubt about it: flyers are an old-school way to direct attention to your venture or event – but they also work. Using this time-tested marketing technique requires more than a click of a mouse. Here are a few tips on how to do it well.

Design Wisely

Not all flyers are created equal. A smart marketer will tailor his design to the product. That means that if you’re throwing a blow-out party for the opening of a new nightclub, you’ll want to make the flyer look as luscious as the event. Full-color foil designs, with swirls of color and metallics, may give the aesthetic appeal you need. On the other hand, if you’re opening an organic juice bar, natural colors and a clean, minimal design may better convey the earthy, healthy, no-nonsense nature of your business.Full color foil business cards and flyers

Deliver Hand-to-Hand

Having a real-live person delivering your flyers in a well-targeted area is a high-impact way to distribute flyers. Choose a location that makes sense for your venture. In the case of the nightclub launch, that may mean heading out to a high-end shopping mall or a fitness facility that attracts a young, good-looking crowd. For a juice bar, health food stores and yoga centers make more sense. Regardless of your location, make sure you choose a charismatic, friendly individual to make the hand off. The person should also be knowledgeable about the product or venture he or she is advertising. The experience
people have in receiving the flyer could have a huge impact on whether they act on the offer or not.

Work the Pin-Up Boards

Some local businesses have dedicated bulletin boards and encourage enterprising people to use them. These may attract a lot of attention. They may not. But it doesn’t hurt to post your flyer on them. You never know who may spot it. Pin several in a stack so that truly interested people may take one with them.

Place Them at Related Businesses

Ask owners of related enterprises to keep a number of your flyers at their counters. Notice we said “related,” and not “competing” or “identical” businesses. If you’re the nightclub promoter, go to music or clothing stores that cater to the set you’re looking to appeal to. If you’re the juice bar owner, wellness spas, cooperative gardens, organic restaurants (that don’t sell juice), and health clubs are good places to start. Going into these businesses with your flyeMake your flyer a postcardrs also allows you to network with some people who might be instrumental in furthering your success later on. After all, word of mouth is one of the most compelling marketing messages, period.

Make Your Flyer a Postcard

As an added benefit of using flyers as marketing tools, most of them can double as postcards. Take advantage of this by mailing them out to friends, business contacts, or previous clients. If you don’t have a targeted mailing list, you can employ a reasonably priced direct mailing service to hit a certain demographic or even saturate a neighborhood with your flyer.

Post Your Flyer on Social Media

You’ve gone through the trouble of designing and printing an awesome flyer, taking it from the computer into the physical world. Now you can make it work even harder for you by taking it back into cyberspace. Post your flyer on your business’s Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Google Plus accounts to attract the attention of an online audience as well. Now that’s how to tackle the project from all angles!