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Where to Start with Graphic Design: 5 Tips for Beginners

Posted on: August 3rd, 2018 by No Comments

Designing can be daunting. Though you may have an idea in mind, the process of getting from a blank page to a beautiful design can be more difficult than anticipated. Fortunately, there are a few basic tips that can help, even the design novice can create something incredible.

Less is More

Don’t be afraid of an empty space. In fact, “white space” is an important part of design. When a design has too much going on, it looks cluttered and confuses the eye—you want your design to flow nicely and not overwhelm the viewer. So, how does one accomplish this? First, don’t try to fill in every inch of a design. Next, don’t worry about finding a fancy, over-the-top font. Remember, less is more—clean, sharp fonts are more readable than flowery script fonts. Though there are designs in which a flowery font may be appropriate, for the most part, stick to something basic and readable.

Don’t Go Overboard with Color

Tips for Graphic DesignersToo many colors can be overwhelming for the viewer. If you’re not sure how many is too many, try sticking to three or four. Use these colors to tie different aspects of your design together. For instance, dividing elements like lines can be one color, text can be another, and so on. If your design includes any images or graphics, it’s best to choose colors that complement them. This way, you’ve created a cohesive design that’s easy on the eyes.

Be Short and Sweet

Consider this: You have one white poster covered with 5 sentences in black, 12pt font. You have a second identical poster with one word in black, 12pt font. You’re much more likely to remember the single word on the second poster. Even though there may be more information on the first poster, the single-word poster makes more of an impact (in addition to being more visually appealing). The lesson here is to include vital information only. When designing, see if there is any info you can eliminate.

Contrast is Key

Graphic design tips for Logo DesignIf you make something different, make it noticeably different. Don’t use 21pt font for a title and 20pt for the body. Don’t use two slightly different colors of red. If differences are subtle, your audience is likely to get confused. Elements of your design will start to run together and your design will look cluttered. Your goal is to have your viewer know, without question, that two elements are different. After all, those two particular elements are different sizes or colors for a reason, so be sure you make them different enough that your viewer can tell.

Be Repetitive

Repetition is comforting on the eye and allows your viewer to move through your design with confidence. For instance, if your design includes a numbered list, you’d want the numbers to be the same font, size, and color. This way your viewer will be able to progress through your design without any distractions because they know what to expect.

The above tips can help you create a more clean, cohesive, easy-on-the-eyes design, but if you’re still too intimidated by the design process or just want some help, head over to the Elite Flyers Graphic Design Hub:

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