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Entrepreneurs on the Go

Posted on: June 1st, 2018 by No Comments

Are you an entrepreneur or thinking about becoming an entrepreneur? Either or is perfectly fine because being an entrepreneur, you have the opportunity to become your own boss and to run your own show. 

Elite Flyers, a full service printing company, wants you to know that we are here for your entrepreneurship needs and want to enhance your business in every aspect whether it’s for business cards, flyers, and/or letterheads. We have it all!

As an entrepreneur or future entrepreneur, we know how imperative it is to save all of your important information and documents. Instead of carrying all of your important papers in your suitcase or folder increasing the chance that they will get wrinkled, how about you invest in an Elite Flyers custom printed USB hard drive.USB Drives Printed with a 1-4 Color Logo on Choice of Colored 1g, 8g or 32g USB Drive.

Custom Printed USB drives come with so many benefits.

  • Printed with a 1-4 color logo on choice of color USB drive
  • Chrome trim
  • PC or Mac Compatible with a USB interface
  • Brand Your Logo On One or Two Sides.

Elite Flyers not only custom prints USB jump drives, we also offer custom printed mini power banks and solar power banks to charge any of your battery powered devices.

The difference between our
mini power banks and solar power banks is that the solar power bank has a higher 5,000 mAh capacity then the 2,000 mAh capacity of the mini power bank.

Solar Powerbank with 5,000mAh Capacity Custom Screen Printed in One Color on A Colored Powerbank of Your Choice.Now you’re probably thinking to yourself, “What does mAh stand for?” Or “What does mAh mean?”

Well, it stands for Milli-Ampere hours and it simply indicates how much electric charge the battery can provide.

Our solar power banks carry a 1-6 hour battery usage while our mini power banks are rated at a 1-4 hour battery usage.

Not only do we offer customer printed jump drives and power banks for your entrepreneurship, but Elite Flyers also prints
table advertising products for your next big event or trade show.

Elite Flyers prints…

  • Table runners: Printed on premium 9oz polyester fabric, machine washable and printed in full, captivating color.
  • Table covers:  are Dye sublimation printed in full color on 3 or 4 sides
  • Table tents: Printed in full color on premium 14 pt card stock with folding score and assembly kit.
  • Table top displays: Printed in full color on 3/16 foam core or 3 mm PVC plastic with a self standing easel back.

With table advertising, it gives you the opportunity to show off your logo and your business in bold for others to see it.Table Runners Dye Sublimination Printed in Full Color on Premium 9oz Polyesther Farbic.

People now a days are really bold and will come up to you to ask you all type of questions in regards to your business, especially if they’re really interested in getting to know more about your business.

Are you feeling motivated? Ready to boost your business and keep it going? Well, what are you waiting for? Head over to to check out more services that we have to offer for your business

For future entrepreneurs or those that are thinking about becoming an entrepreneur, check out this article that gives you 21 Success Tips for Young and Aspiring Entrepreneurs. Good luck!