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5 Ways to Help Your Business Card Stand Out

Posted on: August 1st, 2016 by Lorena Fernandez No Comments

Picture this: you meet a great potential client, you hand over your business card, and it barely gets a glance before it’s shoved in a pocket. The truth is nothing puts you on the back burner faster than a boring, forgettable business card. You want to be memorable. When you hand over your business card, you want that potential client to say “wow, great business card!” In order to command attention, you’ve got to be different. Strive to surprise and impress, and forget the mundane—here are 5 ways to create a business card that will make a lasting first impression

Make it Plasticplastic-business-cards-1-or-2-sided_1

A business card made from an unusual material is interesting and intriguing. Why? Because it appeals to a person’s sense of touch—no one is expecting a business card made of plastic. The surprising sensory experience will likely make the recipient stop and take a closer look at your business card, and this double take is exactly the type of reaction you want.

Accent With Foil or Spot UV

Capture attention by accenting with Foil or Spot UV—the mix of textures and sheen is interesting to the eye, helping you secure that lasting first impression. You can choose to accent whatever you wish, and whether its text or graphics, highlighting an aspect of your design gives your business card an air of quality and sophistication.

Choose Velvet Cards

Velvet is another example of an unusual and intriguing business card material. Like the plastic cards mentioned above, a velvet business card provides an interesting feel. Imagine a velvet business card—in addition to being soft and supple, velvet’s rich and noble associations immediately give the card a classy feel/Custom business card, unique business card design,

Try 3D Lenticular Cards

Visually stunning 3D Lenticular business cards are incredibly impressive. The design moves and changes as the card is tilted, and the effect is one of a high-tech hologram rather than a business card. These cards offer big impact. The hologram effect gives you a unique opportunity to feature before and after shots, movement, action, or whatever suits your business.

Get Folded Cards

Folded business cards entice by way of curiosity—humans like to open things. Hand them a folded piece of paper and they’re inclined to open it. When it’s something that’s not usually folded, like a business card, that curiosity is magnified. Use this to your advantage. Folded business cards are essentially two cards in one, so once you’ve got their attention use the extra space to get more info in their hands—add an appointment form, map, or extra images.

Surprise, play to curiosities, and impress, but most importantly, don’t be boring. If you’re ready to take your business card to the next level, visit us at If you need more inspiration, check out samples of these products and more at