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The Business Benefits of EDDM Mailing Services

Posted on: July 12th, 2016 by 1 Comment

How EDDM Mailing Services Work

EDDM stands for Every Door Direct Mail. This service has been helping businesses nationwide get their mailings into every mailbox in a designated area within any zip-code for many years. The benefits are endless, but many businesses often over look this lucrative marketing tool. What they fail to realize, Neighborhood Saturation mailing is one of the best ways to reach a large number of people in the least intrusive way. Just about everyone in the nation has a mailbox, and that means each one of those mailboxes holds the possibility of a new customer. Why wouldn’t you take advantage of  that when you’re trying to build or grow your business?

How EDDM Mailing Services Bring in Customers

When you don’t use EDDM mailing services, you miss out on a lot of exposure. Just think of every homeowner in the local area receiving something in the mail that tells him or herEDDM Mailing Services Bring in Customers  about your business. People who may have never heard of your business could learn about it, and that is powerful. When people know about the services and products you offer, they will know where to go if they need them. That means that even though they may not need it the second they learn about your business, they may need it in the near future, and they’ll know where to turn. People can also use the information to benefit their family and friends. Since people tend to spend time with others like themselves, they are much more likely to know someone needing your services and products, and tell them all about them. Just like that, you’ve created viral marketing.

Setting Up a Mailing Campaign

The first step is to get these people knowledgeable about your business by deciding on the type of mailing you’d like to send. Many businesses choose a postcard, but others will send an envelope with a nice letter and brochure. What you decide depends on the message you want to send and what your target audience would respond to the most.

EDDM Postcard SampleOnce you have the product for the mailer, you can decide on the target area for your mailing campaign. Many local businesses will cover a five-mile radius because people will be more inclined to drive five miles than 10 or more. It does depend on where you live though because local businesses located in rural areas often have to send mailers as much as 15 miles away because there aren’t many consumers within the five miles range.

Once you know where you want your mailers sent, you can move on to choosing a date. Dates matter more than you may think they do. Think about your services and products and how they benefit people throughout the year. If your services and products are used at certain times of the month or year, make sure to set up a mailing right before those times. People will be more likely to seek your services and products when they are informed about them shortly before they are needed. Always take into account that sometimes the postal service slows down during holidays because of the influx of packages, so during those times plan to send mailings a couple of days or more before you want them to arrive in people’s mailboxes.

Get Ahead of the Competition with EDDM Mailing Services

You’d be surprised at how many of your competitors don’t use mailing services. What that means is that you could have a leg up on them with a mailing campaign. Reaching out to customers in a new way than what their used to can be a good way to show them that your business is doing more than others are selling similar products and services. That’s quite an impression to have on customers. Get started on your mailing campaign today at!!