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Why Using Door Hangers Is an Effective Marketing Strategy

Posted on: September 4th, 2015 by 1 Comment

What’s one thing that gets your attention when you walk up to your front door? If you said something hanging on the doorknob, you have just stumbled on a marketing strategy that can be quite effective.

When you send a mailer, it can get lost in the mound of bills and advertisements that are delivered to consumers mailboxes six days a week. However, when you use a door hanger, you stand out from the rest.

Why Consumers Love Door Hangers

People aren’t overwhelmed when they see a door hanger because it’s the only thing on the door. What’s even better than that is they are much more curious about it. They want to know what it is that someone has placed on their door because some of the most important documents can be delivered this way. While some of these documents may not be positive, such as an eviction notice or subpoena, they are still documents that elicit feelings of anticipation. This anticipation is what makes people drop everything to look at it. When they see that’s it’s not something dubious, but rather, positive, they are immediately thrown into a sense of well-being and their guard is let down.

When this guard is let down, your message can get through without a hitch. People will be open to the information provided, which can then lead them to seek out your services and products.

Creating Door Hangers That Selll

It’s not just the door hanger that makes people want to do business with you. It’s what the door hanger has on it.

Creating a door hanger is somewhat of craft. There’s a fair amount of knowledge that must be known before you come up with the design and message. The knowledge you must gain is about your target audience.

  • What sparks your target audience’s attention?
  • What type of style do most of them prefer? Professional? Fun? Witty?
  • What will you provide your target audience with the door hanger?

These qualities are all important in a door hanger because it ensures your consumers will feel as though they’ve benefited from your marketing tool. If you have a door hanger that doesn’t appeal to the taste of your target audience, they may just throw it in the nearest trash can. If your door hanger is witty and fun, but your target audience is more serious and professional, they’ll be turned off from you. If your target audience doesn’t understand your message, you’ll fail at achieving your marketing goal.

When you use door hangers as marketing tools, your goal is for consumers to do something with it.

You want them to…

  • Use it to seek more information about your services and products.
  • Use it to contact you to make a purchase.
  • Give it to someone that could use your services and products.

To increase your chances of achieving your marketing goals, design your door hangers to do the following:

Door HAngersAttract

The door hanger must be attractive, so consumers will be drawn to them and want to read them.


Door hangers are not large, so there isn’t much room for text. That means you’ll have to relay your message in as few words as possible.


You want people to take the next step after looking at your door hanger, which means you have to tell them what that next step is, and encourage them to do it. Slight encouragement is all that’s needed, so that people don’t feel you’re trying too hard to sell.

Start Making Door Hangers for Marketing Purposes

Door hangers are effective marketing tools because they are different from the norm. They also give consumers the information they need to make a decision. Start designing your door hangers today at