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Affordable Event Promotion at Art Basel

Posted on: December 4th, 2013 by No Comments

Art Basel is the greatest thing to happen to Miami’s cultural scene since Uncle Luke decided to run for mayor.

No really, though, all jokes aside, Art Basel, in conjunction with Wynwood Walls and the burgeoning art scene in the entire Wynwood District, as well as our increasingly popular second-Saturday Art Walk, have taken Miami’s artistic standing from virtually non-existent to in-your-face impressive in a mere matter of years.

But really, nothing has helped this along more than Art Basel (happening this year from December 5 through 8), which fuses together one thing that Miami has always been good at – top-notch parties – with high art. The event no longer consumes just the Miami Beach Convention Center, but now has crept onto the shore of Miami Beach at Collins Park, on the actual sand, and at SoundScape Park as well. Satellite shows and parties take place at many local hotels and clubs. Each year, the fair brings in about 50,000 – yes, you read that right – 50,000 visitors from around the world who are looking to have a full sensory experience, from great art to great nightlife. Any gallery and any business for that matter would be silly not to engage in some self promotion during this major influx of tourists – and generally wealthy tourists, at that.

So where do you start if you want a piece of the action? Television and radio ads are pricey and make no sense when most tourists will never see or hear them. The best Print brochures, brochures for art basel, high quality printing companyway to access these visitors is at the street level, literally. Handing artsy Basel-goers flyers and delivering your message personally is the best way to steer people to your event or shop. No matter whether you’re a club owner, a restaurateur, a clothing shop owner, an artist or a gallery director, flyers, business cards, and other printed materials are the best way to let this potentially profitable crowd what is going on in your establishment. Otherwise, you’re likely to get lost in the sea of activity that swirls around for that entire week and super high quality flyer printing is ridiculously affordable when you work with EliteFlyers, a Miami Beach-based business with an excellent record of superior printing and customer service. Check out all the unique flyer design options here:

But with, your options for gorgeous promotional materials do not end at high quality flyers. For an artistic event like Basel, it may make sense to elevate your printed ads to high art status as well. We offer plastic business cards, which provide a unique and eye-catching backdrop for pocket-sized ads or mini flyers. If you’re a club owner, you can use plastic cards as “VIP entrance” tickets and distribute them outside the Convention Center or one of the satellite events on the beach. The cards come in clear plastic, frosted plastic, and white as well, giving you plenty of creative freedom in how you decide to bring your offer to life. Lincoln Road will be swimming with people who are in town for Art Basel, making it the perfect place to hand out one-of-a-kind 3-D lenticular business cards that bring your marketing message literally into the next dimension. These cards let you display up to three images that shift and change when the viewer rotates them in the light. Say, for example, that you own an Asian-fusion restaurant. You can use these cards to display a High quality business card printing, marketing art basel, unique business cardsmouth-watering appetizer, a main course dish, and a dessert, all on the same surface. Your potential client will be so intrigued by the card that they’ll be inclined to come in and check you out firsthand.

If you offer tours or spa services, you may want to consider printing and distributing brochures that give Art Basel visitors all the information they would need to make a decision to come try your service. It never hurts to offer special offers, coupons, or giveaways – after all, the competition is fierce during this eventful week, and your main objective is to get the Art Basel crowd into your door, at which point your potential profit becomes limitless. has all the custom-printed products you need to draw them in. Check out all the stunning options (and stunningly low prices) at