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Bottle Hangers for Your Business

Posted on: July 24th, 2013 by 2 Comments

If you’ve run out of ideas for innovative and surprising ways to promote your bar, club, lounge, or liquor store, the answer is right in your hands. If you’re holding a liquor bottle in your hands, at least.

You may have branded marketing materials on the walls of your club, in the local paper, on flyers (and if you don’t, come see us at, on custom mailers, t-shirts, and even door hangers. But do you have your important messaging on the objects thirsty bar-goers tend to eye most? No, it’s not the beautiful women at the club, it’s the bottles! Whiskey, vodka, vino, and champagne… these delicious and intoxicating bottles make the perfect platform for spreading the word about your upcoming parties, current specials, promotions, outside events, and your social media presence. Read on to find out more about these awesome and unexpected advertising tools and how to use them to your advantage.Bottle neck hangers, custom printing, design a bottleneck hanger

Bottle hangers are one of the most underrated marketing tools out there, and they couldn’t be more affordable or easier to use. All you need to do is slip your custom printed bottle hangers over the neck of any wine, beer, or liquor bottle, and then position said bottle wherever you choose. Your customer then goes to pour or drink the bottle, and encounters your strategically placed tag. “What’s this?” says the customer. “There is something around the neck of this bottle. Let me take a look at this thing. Hey, it says there will be an awesome happy hour here tomorrow from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. Cool, let’s come back tomorrow then. And in the meantime, let me pour myself a little more of this wine.” Yes, it is just that simple.

So you can implement this marketing strategy by putting it to work on bottles that you’re serving in your restaurant, club, or bar, but you can also put it to work in your store. Whether you own a fine food emporium that also sells bottles of wine, exotic vinegars and oils, and other bottled food products, or you run a regular liquor store, this marketing technique will work great for you too. Want to advertise a buy-one get-one sale? Just pop these bottle hangers onto the bottles you want to promote, and bam, the job is done in seconds. You can print bottle hangers that simply say “Special!” on them, to highlight a sale on a specific brand, the details of which are posted elsewhere. The point is that the bottle hangers are an unusual sight that your customers’ eyes will gravitate to. Once the customer becomes curious about the special offer you are making on that specific product, the sale is more or less made for you.

Custom bottle hangers, marketing using bottleneck hangersCustom bottleneck hangers are also an excellent way to cross-promote with other businesses. Let’s say you own both a small bar and a larger nightclub, or that you’re a bar owner who’s formed a partnership with a larger nightclub owner. At your bar, you can print custom bottleneck hangers that advertise free entry to said nightclub when you present the bottleneck hanger at the door. This guarantees that you will be funneling a large number of people right from one venue to another, and keeping the money flowing in your direction all night. If you’ve partnered up with another business, you can even set up a rewards system where you make a certain dollar amount every time one of your patrons ends up at the next venue.

The possibilities are endless when you print these custom bottleneck hangers and implement them in a strategic way!