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Liquor Store Promotion: What Better Place Than Miami?

Posted on: July 22nd, 2013 by Terrell Hammel No Comments

“Party in the city where the heat is on, all night on the beach ‘til the break of dawn.”

Welcome to Miami! There’s a reason why Will Smith wrote this song about our Magic City: We like to party! And we all know that nothing gets the party vibes flowing better than a little social lubrication, also known as “liquor.”

We’re a city that loves its mojitos, its “sex on the beach” shots, and its dry martinis. Heck, if it’s got booze in it and the air is right… or if we’re locked inside for a  hurricane… or if we’re celebrating a victory… or if we’re drowning out a loss… we like our alcohol. No bottle is a tough sell here in Miami, where there is also a great enthusiasm for drinking. What is tough, though, is ensuring that the people in your neighborhood keep coming back to YOUR liquor store, instead of the one around the corner.

There are some ways that you can ensure your neighbors make your store their go-to booze emporium, and a lot of them have to do with marketing strategy. Here we’ll briefly outline a few ways you can stay on top when it comes to popping tops.

1)   Use EDDM to spread the word on promotions.

People don’t usually drive far and wide to get to a liquor store. That is why your best customers are your neighbors. To make sure your neighbors come visit you, you should use an Every Door Direct Mailing (EDDM) campaign to let them know you exist, and to give them a special offer. For example, you can offer them 20 percent off their purchase when they present the mailer you sent them, or $5 off one particular item you are trying to push. No matter what, make sure to make the visit worth their while, and you will stand a chance to score some loyal new customers who live right near your shop.Custom printed bottleneck hangers, liquor store marketing, custom bottle-neck hangers

2)   Use bottle hangers.

So a customer has come into your store. That’s great! Now we want to try to steer their eye toward a promotion you are really hoping will take off. There is no better way to ensure that this happens than by printing custom bottleneck hangers and hanging them on the bottles you want to sell. “$2 off,” “Buy-one-get-one,” and all manner of special offers make great verbiage to your bottle neck hangers, and these obtrusive little tags really pop right off the shelves – literally – making them an excellent way to get your message noticed.

3)   Hand out flyers.

Want to attract new customers? Make a face-to-face appeal by printing custom flyers about your liquor store and handing them out in a public space. As always, you want to provide your potential customers with an incentive to try you out, so print a great offer on your custom flyers and see your customer base bloom in no time. Offer a free keychain (see some great branded examples at or another free gift, or use your flyers to promote a tasting of a new product – because everyone loves a free shot or two!

Custom apparel for liquor stores, liquor store advirtising, promoting your liquor store4)   Print custom apparel.

You can print custom apparel with your liquor store’s name and logo on it to use either as store merchandise or as giveaway merch for Facebook or Twitter contests and the like. You can give the items away to the person who posts the most interesting drink recipe on your Facebook page, etc. As an added bonus, this custom printed apparel provides you with walking advertising for your liquor store!

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