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Tips for Your EDDM Campaign

Posted on: July 12th, 2013 by Terrell Hammel No Comments

Every Door Direct Mailing is a marketing strategy that has revolutionized the way both small and large businesses get noticed, all across town. It allows the sender (you, for example) to target specific neighborhoods or to blanket entire zip codes with their marketing messages, with VERY minimal effort or financial investment. offers a one-stop solution to your own EDDM marketing needs or wishes. From the design of your marketing material, be it a postcard or a larger print mailer, to the packaging and distribution, we do it all and you sit back and save money. But before you get to that step (the step where you’re just kicking your heels up and saving money, passively) there are a few things you’ll want to consider. Here are a few to ponder when you’re crafting your EDDM campaign.

Plan Your EDDM Campaign!Custom mailers, usps mailer,

1. Send out your EDDM materials during a strategic time. Get your mailer out to promote a holiday sale, or when you have some free gifts in stock for customers. You have to offer customers something if you expect them to act on your offer, so time the EDDM campaign right so that you have some great bait on the other end of your postcard.

2. Pick a great printer to take care of your campaign. An excellent printer with a solid reputation – like, for example – will  offer you a turnkey solution to your EDDM desires, minimizing your own effort and allowing you to relax and focus on other aspects of your business. Printing your mailers yourself will cost you more in ink than it’s worth. Best to leave this to the experts.

3. Choose your routes carefully! There is an EDDM WebTool User Guide that allows you to map out which routes are closest to your store. But you can also consider where your target market lives. If you have an electronics store that’s a mile or so away from a neighborhood of young professionals, you may want to target that area, even though it is not as close as your direct neighbors. Think strategically when mapping out your EDDM routes. Ask to provide insight, or simply let us know what routes you’d like to target when you hand over the job to us.

Design Your EDDM Piece Wisely!

You want your EDDM campaign to be as effective as possible. So make sure it accomplishes what you need it to by designing strategically.

1. Use design software. If you are designing your own mailer, use Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Publisher, or InDesign. If you are clueless with those programs, hire a design student or a professional who knows his or her way around those programs. You can also come directly to and just tell our design professionals what you want your mailer to include. One stop shop.

2. Give your info in bite-sized chunks. People can only process so much at a time, so use bullet points to emphasize key points.

Unique postcards, EDDM, EliteFlyers.com3. Feature contact information prominently. Repeat all contact info on the front and back. Don’t forget your Facebook and Instagram information as well.

4. Feature your call to action prominently, and make it a good one! Offer freebies when customers bring in the EDDM flyer, or 20 percent off. Just make sure you have the resources to back up your offer. For example, it’s not wise to send out 5,000 EDDM pieces offering free T-shirts upon the customer’s first visit if you only have 50 T-shirts on hand. Even if only 100 people show up to claim their tees, that would be 50 people who didn’t get a shirt and who will have had a bad first experience at your shop. Better to offer something that’s more realistic for your specific business.

Still have questions, or ready to get started? Go to right away and get your EDDM campaign rolling!