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Network Smarter with Personalized Business Cards

Posted on: July 10th, 2013 by Terrell Hammel No Comments

So you’re at a party and you end up having a conversation about your work. Maybe it’s not the most thrilling thing to yap about over cocktails, but as the words roll on it starts to appear that your skills and your counterpart’s talents may have the potential to intersect in the business world.

The problem is, your potential project wouldn’t be a match for the company you work for, and you can’t really be receiving emails and calls about freelance projects while you’re at your 9 to 5. So you want to make this connection, but at the same time, you’re reluctant to hand over your company card because it may get you in trouble.

This is where it pays off to have a personal business card. A personal business card is still all business, but it represents you as an individual rather than as a company man or woman, making it easier for you to connect with others about innovative concepts and visions that go beyond your role inside your company.

Today’s business world is all about creativity and growth. New concepts are what fuels the energy of modern commerce, and melding of talents from different contact cards, card cards, EliteFlyers.comsectors can lead to the creation of applications, products, or services that break the mold. Brainstorming around the coffee house, bar, or pool can be more productive at times than official meetings at the board room, and it’s important to be prepared to make connections anywhere, any time. Personalized business cards facilitate those connections.

Beyond making it easy to exchange information, printing your own personalized business cards is an action that opens up your own mind to the possibility of branching out beyond the scope of work you’re currently doing. Simply by taking the step to create a card that represents you and your talent as separate from any larger entity, you are making a decision to be open to connections that are outside the box. Sometimes this openness is the most crucial element in beginning a new journey, work-related or otherwise. Having your personalized business card at the ready when you’re talking to a new acquaintance about new ideas shows that other party that you’re not all talk. It makes the statement that you’re actually prepared to act on your words, and that you’ve already put some serious thought into developing a rewarding work life beyond the norm.

Unique business ard design, high quality business cards, EliteFlyers.comAll this coupled with the fact that business cards are among the cheapest and most effective marketing tool you can invest in means that you simply can’t go wrong when it comes to printing yourself some personalized business cards. Check out some of the lowest prices on the highest quality print materials in the industry here: In addition, your personalized business card is your opportunity to strut your individuality. You can maximize this opportunity by adding in custom features like silk lamination, which gives your card a luxurious and durable look and feel (great for networking poolside, since it’s water resistant!), or using foil stamping, which adds metallic accents in gold or silver to your card surface. Some prefer plastic cards, for a very distinct, and again, durable business card, while others opt for 3-D business cards, which act like a flip book, throwing up to three consecutive images on the same surface, depending on how you hold the card in the light. There are many options for you to choose from, and the great things is, IT’S COMPLETELY YOUR CHOICE. When you’re creating custom business cards, you can truly craft a card that reflects your individuality. Explore all the great options at