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3D Lenticular Business Cards Gets You Instant Attention

Posted on: July 2nd, 2013 by No Comments

A surfer cuts through a wave expertly, the water splashing at his heels while the sea winds blow through his hair.

Scissors cut through a piece of fine fabric, which is then guided by skilled hands through a sewing machine.

A well-muscled athlete reaches down for a barbell with perfect form, and then goes through a progression of perfect moves, eventually holding the bar above his head in a flawlessly executed Olympic lift.

These may sound like images you might catch in television ads, but they’re not just for TV anymore. You can now incorporate short “films” right into your business card, when you use cutting edge 3D lenticular business card printing (

Lenticular business card printing is one of the coolest, most attention-grabbing business card design options to hit the printing industry… ever. It makes it possible to include two or three totally different or totally related images on a single card surface. It makes it possible to show motion, bringing the best aspects of video to a business card you can hold in the palm of your hand. 3-D cards bring full-color images to life with a simple rotation of the card under the light, and they’re surprisingly affordable. Any business can benefit by making use of this awesome specialty printing technique.

Custom business card, unique business card design, EliteFlyers.comThe technology works by putting together digitally interlaced pictures that are embedded with rows of optical grade mini-lenses. When the light shines on the card and interacts with your eye, it will activate only one set of strips on the surface of the card, activating only whatever image is displayed by that particular set of strips. As the light shifts, another set of strips will be activated, displaying the next image. If three images are contained in the card, the third will be displayed as you continue to rotate the card yet further. So as you view the card from different angles, the illusion of movement is created. Depending on how you use the technology, this can be used to create a “flip book” effect, or it can be employed to display a series of totally different images on a single card surface. The technology is so adaptable and versatile, virtually any business can use it to enhance customer interest and bring new faces into the shop.

Think about it: a car customization company can use it to show a car before AND after the ride gets tricked out. A weight loss solutions company can use 3-D lenticular cards to show a set of particularly impressive “before” and “after” photos. A restaurant can use the cards to show an appetizer, a main course, and a dessert. An athletic clothing company can use it to show an athlete in motion, as with the surfer, or a realtor can use it to display several homes and properties in a single card.

Maybe the most important thing about these cards is the buzz they generate about your business. When you choose a 3-D lenticular business card over a traditional business card, you show your potential clients that you are different from the rest, and that you care deeply about quality and innovation. People will give your card more than a second glance – they may even show it off to friends or pass it along to others who might be equally interested in your services. After all, what is the point of a business card if nobody bothers to look at it?

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