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Get Your Spa Noticed During Miami Spa Month

Posted on: June 27th, 2013 by No Comments

Ladies (and gents) everywhere are already dreaming about all the skin-tingling treatments they’re going to undergo during Miami Spa Month, which actually spans two months, from July 1 to August 31 (two months) this year. The $99 packages, including pedicures, massages, facials, scrubs, masks, and peels, that are dancing in spa-lovers heads already give you, participating spa owner, a freshly waxed leg up in your quest to bring in business during this wonderfully opportune time. Whether you represent the Betsy in South Beach, Canyon Ranch in Miami Beach, Exhale at the Epic Hotel Downtown, or The Spa at One Bal Harbour, you’re in good company during Miami Spa Month. While it’s great to be participating in the promotion alongside some of Miami’s most sought-after spas, there is one drawback that comes along with it: it’s hard to stand out in a sea of greats. When you’re not the big fish in the little pond, there are ways to push your venue out of the crowd and into the limelight. has all you need; read on to find out about 5 ways you can make your spa shine.

1)     Print and distribute flyers.

When guests come into the spa now, give them the lowdown on the deals you’re going to offer during Miami Spa Month with a freshly printed full-color flyer. You can add premium design features to your flyers, like silk lamination, which make flyers look so dazzling, your clients are bound to keep them around foSpa flyers, online flyer maker, EliteFlyers.comr weeks and weeks (rather than quickly toss them in the trash). Whether you give your flyers out in the spa or in other locations spa lovers are sure to be found (like outside a Turkish bath house, at a local pool, near a yoga studio, or on Lincoln Road), make sure to emphasize your message verbally: “Only $99 for some serious pampering packages at our spa.”

2)     Use EDDM to blanket the neighborhood near your spa.

Yes, tourists are important for spa business, but nothing is more reliable than your local residents. Summertime, after all, is not the best for tourism in Miami. And so you can use this opportunity to win many new long-term clients if you distribute an Every Door Direct Mail postcard to the people who live in your neighborhood. List the great deals you have on your mailer, and perhaps offer a free gift to people who bring in the mailer when they come to get their good deal. This will allow you to see just how effective your EDDM mailer was during your Miami Spa Month promotions. Elite Flyers provides ridiculously affordable EDDM marketing solutions, from the design to the mailing, so you barely have to do a thing. Just sit back and see the business flood in! Check out the details and get started now:

3)     Print a sign.

You can print an affordable banner to hand outside your spa (a tasteful one, of course.) Check out the great options at

4)     Print posters.

While clients are relaxing with a spa pedicure, or while they’re waiting in the lounge at your spa, their eyes will lazily wander around the room… only to rest on a poster that advertises the unbelievable deals they can pounce on during Miami Spa Month. Put your package offerings on a poster to hang in your spa, outside in the hotel lobby, and on bulletin boards in any somewhat-related businesses that will allow it (health food stores, yoga studios, wellness centers, etc.) Email for more information on our gorgeous and low-cost posters.

5)     Print business cardBusiness cards for spas, Miami Spa Week business card, EliteFlyers.coms that double as “vouchers.”

Custom business cards are the cheapest materials to print, and they can serve as so many things besides actual business cards. Try printing a small ad on a business card, listing the spa services you’ll offer for your $99 packages. Include the dates of Spa Month and your business’ name and address, plus contact info, of course. These cards can be tucked into a wallet for easy access, where flyers can sometimes get lost in a purse.

To make sure you get all the financial benefits of Miami Spa Month, we encourage you to try all of these affordable advertising methods. This will ensure you reach the maximum number of people from every possible angle.