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Four Reasons to Choose 16pt. Cardstock for All Your Printing Needs

Posted on: June 25th, 2013 by No Comments

When you’re printing flyers, there are a lot of ways to cut corners if you want to. A search of all printers will show you that you can go as bare bones or as extravagant as you like. There are printers out there that would do anything to have the lowest price, even if that means having a quality level that borders on shameful. prides itself on being a company that graciously walks the tightrope between ultimate quality and some of the lowest prices in the industry. When we say tightrope, we mean it. We’re always making decisions that ensure our suppliers and their materials are both top-notch and affordable.

It may seem like a small thing to some, but one of the biggest decisions our company,, has made in the last few years is the choice to eliminate the option to print flyers on 14pt cardstock altogether and to go with sturdy 16pt cardstock for all orders for flyers, business cards, and postcards. There were some key factors in our decision-making, and we’ll share them below.

1. 16pt. Cardstock Feels and Looks Better

Buy business cards, 16pt card stock business cards, EliteFlyers.comWhen comparing to 14pt card stock, 16pt card stock makes for a hands-down classier looking and feeling card. Your business card and your flyers are tools that represent you and your business in your marketing efforts. As a company, we came to the decision that all of our clients deserve the best quality card stock for their cards, postcards, and flyers. If that meant that we had to make some changes with our suppliers, then that was what it would take. The positive reaction from clients has been proof that we made the right choice. Just put yourself in the place of the person receiving your card. If a potential client or partner hands you a card that’s dog-eared and bent before it even gets into your hands, how is that going to affect the way you view that person or business? The details DO matter, and that’s why we cut the fat and went with 16pt. cardstock for all our clients’ important printing jobs.

2. 16pt. Cardstock Holds Ink Better

The thicker cardstock not only looks better, but it provides an all-around better surface for printing. Without much “card” to sink into, inks may not have as great a finish, especially when printing on both sides of a card. When we used to offer 14pt. cardstock, we actually had some customer complaints about the quality of the outcome. In order for the colors on our high quality business cards and flyers to come out as true-to-design as possible, we knew we’d have to eliminate the 14pt. cardstock option. Our customers are happy we did.

3. 16pt. Cardstock Makes a Great Base for Premium Design Features

Premium business cards, 16pt business card, EliteFlyers.com14pt. cardstock makes for cards and flyers that are too thin and bendable to use as a backing for premium design features like full-color foil printing, silk lamination, spot UV coating, foil stamping, and more. Check out the full range of options at

4. 16pt. Cardstock Wears Better

Unless it’s silk laminated or a plastic card (see for more details on those), no card is going to be completely water- or element-proof. But you should also not have to care excessively for your cards to keep them in shape. A 16pt. cardstock business card or flyer simply holds up to normal activity better than a 14pt. cardstock card does. It simply looks more professional and enticing when you hand someone a card that is wrinkle-free and high-quality. For these reasons, we choose 16pt. cardstock over 14pt. cardstock, and we think you should too.

Whenever quality matters, we recommend printing on 16pt. cardstock over 14pt. cardstock. We manage to do all our 16pt. cardstock printing for less than most companies charge even for 14pt. cardstock. Check out our impressively low prices right away at