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Business Cards for Babysitters and Nannies

Posted on: June 10th, 2013 by No Comments

Changing diapers and holding children’s hands as they cross the street may have a soft, gentle, warm, and fuzzy connotation, but that doesn’t mean that childcare is not a serious business. With both parents working in many American households, the demand for quality childcare extremely high. Whether you’re babysitting independently for multiple families, working in a large-scale childcare facility, or have another type of involvement in the field of childcare, there is no reason that networking can’t benefit you as much as it does any other professional. With your command of such a useful and highly demanded skill, you would do well to have a professional business card on hand at all times so as to keep the door to further opportunities open at all times.Professional Full Color Business Cards Printed By

Business cards are not reserved for CEOs or paper pushers. As a childcare worker, your job comes with real responsibility and it’s important that potential clients see that you take yourself seriously. Having a business card is one way to ensure that. It is also an easy and affordable method of advertising your services and getting your contact information into parents’ hands so that they have an easy method of contacting you when they decide to head out on the town one Saturday night.

Business cards for babysitters and childcare workers can offer a major boost to your efficiency and success rate when it comes to scoring new clients. Because your card will serve to represent you long after you actually meet your potential employers, it’s important that you make it work overtime for you. Print a full-color business card that’s complete with a small, smiling picture of you, so that your contacts can recall how friendly and warm you are (you’re going to be hanging out with their children – they will want to remember that you have a friendly, happy face!). It’s also important that you include information about what certifications you hold – for example, are you certified to administer CPR and first aid? Are you a trained chef, EMT, or a certified teacher? Have you received other special training relevant to childcare? These are all pertinent details you will definitely want to include on your card.

White plastic business cardsAs far as the design of your childcare business card, there are many directions you can go in. But more than anything, you will want to make sure that your card reflects your personality and conveys that you are a responsible, capable, mature, and caring individual. You can get creative and include images you associate with babies and children, such as teddy bears, stars, rattles, or even an image of an actual smiling baby (maybe even your own little one, if you have one!). Include your name, phone number, email address, and perhaps a list of the neighborhoods that you serve. For a more outstanding look, accent your babysitting business card with gold or silver foil stamping, or even print the card itself on plastic instead of the typical paper-based cardstock. A plastic business card also offers the advantage of holding up against the elements, including baby food spills and grubby grabby hands, two hazards that are inevitable in the typical bustling household where your potential clients dwell.

As a way to further boost your visibility, you may consider setting up a website that includes testimonials from former or current clients, pictures of yourself in action, and a list of your qualifications. You can include a link to your website on your business card, giving your contacts another way to learn more about you. The more they know, the more comfortable they will feel about hiring you to look after their precious children.

With a quality business card and a comprehensive website, along with, of course your impeccable childcare skills, you may soon have more business on your hands than you can personally attend to. This could lead to a great opportunity for you to start your own small business, hiring people to take on the work you don’t have time for, and eventually building your own cuddly (and profitable!) childcare empire.

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