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Brochures for Event Planners

Posted on: June 7th, 2013 by No Comments

If you’re in the event planning industry, you know firsthand how diverse your job responsibilities can be. Wedding planners, for example, can be responsible for everything from hiring bartenders to ensuring the floral arrangements have just the right amount of orange blossom sprigs. You do a lot, and a business card, while essential, may not be enough to inform your potential customers of how capable, experienced, and accessible you are. Your website is extremely important too, but a high quality brochure can be an invaluable tool in convincing your potential customers that you are the perfect planner for the job. Here are some ideas for making sure your brochures provide the perfect complement to the rest of your marketing efforts.

•    Make them beautiful.
Everyone parrots the phrase “Don’t judge a book by its cover,” but the truth is that most people do in fact form judgments based on appearances. And when someone’s in the market for a party or event planner, itAn Example of a Beautiful Brochure makes sense that he or she will be paying extra attention to the look of the materials that company uses to represent itself. After all, if the event planner can’t even plan a good-looking brochure, that doesn’t exactly bode well for someone looking to “order” something as complicated and delicate as an entire wedding.

•    Specialize only if you would like to limit the scope of your customers.
If you ONLY plan weddings, designing a brochure decorated with wedding bells, veils, lace, hearts, etc. makes perfect sense. But if you’d also like to attract clients looking for business brunch and bar mitzvah planners, you’ll be barking up the wrong tree. If you’d like to attract a broad array of clients, choosing a neutral image or set of images (for example, elegant table settings, champagne glasses, smiling faces, plates of gorgeous food, or other elements that are universal to all celebrations) will make sure that you don’t turn anyone off.

•    Give people some specifics.
Most people don’t need to plan big events every day, and the task can feel a little bewildering. That’s why it’s a good idea to give people some concrete information on what kinds of services you will take care of for them. Using a portion of your brochure to feature a bulleted list of all the things you will take off the client’s shoulders (securing a venue, hiring help, finding suitable caterers, chefs, or restaurants, negotiating price per hour and price per plate, decorating the venue, hiring entertainment, coordinating schedules, parking, and between-venue transportation of guests, obtaining affordable party gifts or gift bags, finding photographers, alerting the media (if applicable), sending invitations, organizing registries, etc. etc. etc.), and you will soon convince them that they need you more than they thought they did.

High quality brochures, brochures by•    Name drop.
If you’ve worked with some big name clients in the past, now is not the time for modesty. As long as you know it won’t step on any of your previous clients’ toes, let your potential clients know that you’ve been trusted with some big jobs in the past, and that you’re more than happy to delight them with your extraordinary talent in the future. Even if you’ve only assisted in small part with some extremely large-scale events, it’s worth mentioning. Clients want to know that this isn’t by any means your first rodeo.

•    Get them online.
Make sure to include plenty of references to your website in your custom brochures. This will encourage your potential clients to go online where they can be wowed by photographs of events you’ve done in the past that are most similar to the event that they are looking to plan.

Company Brochures for event planners are great, they’re are an excellent way to get your company name and contact information into your clients’ hands. They’re an essential tool for ensuring your contacts have an easy way to reference your company and to provide a bridge between a face-to-face meeting and your web presence. Don’t forget to print matching business cards, postcards, flyers, and other print collateral’s so that your company has the full package of print marketing materials on hand.

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