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Advertise Your Caribbean Adventure with Bad-Ass Rack Cards

Posted on: June 5th, 2013 by No Comments

When you advertise your Caribbean adventure, vacations, and excursions, it helps if you have a nice rack… card. Rack cards are kind of like long skinny flyers, and they’re so named because they fit nicely in those handy racks you see here and there that display different excursion options to tourists. Tourists often find these racks and rack cards when they’re in their hotel lobby, in the back of a cab, or even at a gym or spa. Rack cards are a great way to get information on your Caribbean adventure in your potential customer’s hands, but it’s important to remember that your rack card will be, well, on a rack alongside many other rack cards. So if you want your rack card to stand out from the rest, you’ll want to make sure that it’s bad-ass. How can you ensure that your card achieves this goal? Read on to find out if you’ve hit the mark, and then go to to have your customized rack cards sent to the presses today.

1)     Your Rack Card Should Have a Great HeadingHigh quality rack cards, 16 pt card stock rack cards,

If you’re marketing an affordable booze cruise or the like, you’ve got a great product to present to people, but it’s important that you do it in the right way. To this end, your headline is everything. You’ve got about five words to work with if you’re going to make your headline short and memorable, so what are you going to do with them? Try high-impact words and vivid verbs to get people motivated to call  and schedule their trip with you. For example, “Sail Away on Sparkling Seas,” “Meet Your Match on the Water,” or “Zipline for a Natural Rush,” are all short headlines that employ vivid language. Compare these to other headlines that fall flat on their faces: for example, “Caribbean Cruise,” or “We Have Zip-Lines.” You can hear and feel the difference. If you’re not sure if you have a winner, always test out your ideas on a few people to gauge their reactions before clicking the submit button on your design.

2)     Your Rack Card Should Be Colorful AND Tasteful

It doesn’t make sense to just make your card as colorful as possible, hoping that will make it stand out from the others on the rack. Why doesn’t this make sense? Because it’s too easy – other companies will be doing the same thing, and before you know it, the entire rack will just be a mess of tacky colors. Go for a design that makes smart use of color, employing complimentary colors, for example, that will make your design pop. Some pairs of complimentary colors to consider: orange and blue, yellow and purple, and red and green. When you use color wisely, you don’t just attract the eye; you keep it there long enough for the view to catch your message and your call to action. For great design examples, or to start printing your affordable custom rack cards now, go to

3)     Keep It ShoHigh quality brochure printing, rack card printing, EliteFlyers.comrt and Sweet

Write down everything you think is awesome about your Caribbean adventure. Now take another look, and circle only the things that would be most attractive to your target audience. Get some help from friends or colleagues if you find it hard to take a step back from your own opinions or biases. Then cross out everything else. You don’t want to clutter your custom rack card with too much information. When you do, people will simply not read it. If there’s more you’re dying to tell your potential customers, make sure the pertinent info is on your website and use your rack card to direct people there. The truth is that people have very short attention spans, especially when they are in vacation mode, so it’s best to use your custom rack cards or brochure to highlight just a few key aspects of your Caribbean escape and to leave the rest for when the customer calls, emails, or checks your site.

Printing a great rack card for your tourist attraction or Caribbean vacation does not have to be complicated. For more advice and inspiration, or to start printing now, go to