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Run an Effective Marketing Campaign With Custom Printed Flyers

Posted on: May 24th, 2013 by No Comments

Sometimes, when we’re launching a new business or initiative, it’s easy to put the bull before the horns and to end up with a marketing campaign that doesn’t live up to its full potential. That’s why it’s important to take a deep breath and to plan out some marketing strategies before implementing them, many of which can involve flyers and other printed collaterals. Here are some points to consider as you prepare to roll out a new marketing campaign.

  • Use Your Calendar

Don’t plot and launch your campaign in the same week. You will want to have a schedule laid out for the weeks and months ahead so that you roll out at a pace that will build anticipation and excitement about your product, service, or business. Choose carefully when and where you will distribute flyers, for example, as well as when you want to make key announcements in local media and on your social networking sites. Don’t hint at what’s to come a month out and then drop the ball in the days before you launch, either. It’s important to have a steady stream of marketing messages coming at your audience so that they simply can’t forget about you and your project.

  • Make Info Easy to Access

There is a trend out there that has businesses making gimmicky marketing efforts, like broadcasting messages that make no sense and directing consumers to a website that promises to answer their questions. While these efforts may spawn curiosity, the response rate on these mysterious ads is actually quite low. While many confused consumers may intend to check out the site for answers, it makes sense that most will have forgotten by the time they sit down at their laptops or have time to punch in the address on their smart phones. That’s why it’s always better to provide your audience with all the information it needs to become your next batch of clients. For example, when you’re printing flyers, include your business’s website, phone number, address, and as much pertinent information as possible on who you are and what you do. If you can include a special discount offer on your flyer, all the better. See some great flyer examples at

  • Know Your Audience

Flyers printed on thick 16pt Card StockAs a business owner or entrepreneur, you probably have a highly inventive spirit. You may also have very specific tastes. But when you’re designing your marketing materials, you’ll want to keep in mind that your tastes may not match up with those of your best audience. For example, you may favor professional and serious hues like navy blues, blacks, and grays. But clearly these would not

be the greatest colors to use when designing a flyer for your florist’s shop or daycare center. Similarly, your favored fonts may not convey the tone you seek when attempting to reach your designated market through your custom printed flyers, signage, website, and beyond. Your best bet is to look at marketing materials put out by successful businesses within your field, and to borrow bits and pieces from them when designing your own successful marketing campaign (while of course adding in your own personal touches to set yourself apart).

  • Focus on Strengths

You love your business. Of course you do. And you probably love every minute aspect of what you do. Your passion is great, but it may make it hard to narrow down the points you want to make on your flyers. But you have to narrow those points down. If you don’t, you’ll end up with a flyer that is so cluttered, it is rendered ineffectual. Figure out what your top 2 to 5 selling points are, and feature those on your flyer. If you can’t narrow it down, ask a friend to help you. Sometimes we’re our own worst editors.

  • Distribute in Targeted Areas

Flyer Printing is an affordable way to advertise, but they’re not free. So don’t waste them (or the money you pay to the person distributing your flyers) by targeting irrelevant neighborhoods or areas. Choose places where your greatest potential audience congregates, and hand your flyers out there, making sure to add premium design features that will wow your recipients. To see a ton of great options, go to