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Plastic Business Cards For Extreme Sports Photographers

Posted on: May 21st, 2013 by No Comments

In the field of extreme sports photography, you sit (or stand or run) right in the thick of some of the most exciting action the world of sports has to offer. Whether you’re getting sprayed with mud that flies off the wheels of the world’s top BMX bikers, you’re catching a splash from a spelunker coming up after a particularly deep dive, or you’re sweating it out as you chase ultra-marathoners to the finish line, your body and your camera are ready to stand up to the elements. Is your business card, too?

All photographers know that image is everything. Images are what you build your career on. So it’s important that your business card look good, whether you’re handing it out in an office or on a rain-soaked playing field. That’s why a waterproof card is a must-have for extreme sports photographers.An example of plastic business cards

You may be asking how a card, made of paper-like cardboard or cardstock, could be waterproof. Well, Elite Flyers is here to steer your thinking in another direction. That direction is plastic business cards. Plastic business cards are in many ways identical to traditional business cards. They’re the same size and can be printed in full color, just like card-based business cards. The difference is of course the material. Plastic business cards are remarkable in appearance alone. Their high-quality, durable appearance is enough to turn recipients’ heads. Throw in their unique, sleek texture, and you’ll have potential clients doing double takes. Then add in the fact that the cards are water- and wear-proof, and you’ve got the perfect card for extreme sports photographers and anyone else whose work takes them on the move and into unpredictable situations.

As someone who cares very much about appearances, you the photographer may have specific tastes when it comes to printing your business cards and other marketing materials. Don’t worry: has plenty of options for your plastic business card printing. For the photographer who wants to stop people in their tracks, there is the clear business card printing option, which, as 3D Lenticular Business Cards, 3D Business Cards, Full Color Print Companyyou might imagine, starts with a transparent card base and allows the user to add full color designs to one side of the card. Then, there is the frosted plastic option, which starts with a card that has the appearance of an icy cold mug you just took out of the freezer. Add to this whatever colorful (or bold black) designs you choose, and you’ll have a card that people won’t be able to stop ogling. Finally, there are white plastic cards, which provide an opaque base and can be printed on two sides. You can choose the base that best lines up with the design you have in mind, and then further customize your card by choosing just how rounded you would like the corners. Best of all, has the industry’s best prices on these intensely unique business cards. Go to our website to check out all the plastic card options we offer.

If you’re an extreme sports photographer who craves the extreme even in your business card printing, there is one option that goes beyond plastic card printing and simultaneously allows you to showcase some of your most action-packed work. That’s 3-D lenticular business card printing. 3-D business cards allow you to show up to three sequential images on a single card. For example, you can feature a skateboarder approaching the top of the half-pipe, then an image of him sailing into the air, and finally an image of him landing flawlessly back on the pipe. As an added bonus, these cards are also water- and tear-proof. The possibilities are endless when you choose this one-of-a-kind premium business card option. Go to to order yours now!