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Get “Spotted” at The Atlanta Food & Wine Festival

Posted on: May 6th, 2013 by No Comments

Georgians love good food and wine – that fact is well known. So it’s no surprise that people flock from far and wide to Atlanta’s Food & Wine Festival. This year, May 30 through June 2, festival-goers will sink their teeth into some of the most delectable and creative dishes from around the country, and these hungry guests will be open to suggestions for where else they should wine and dine themselves between festival events, and even after the weekend is over. This makes the festival a great opportunity for your business to distribute some flashy flyers that highlight what you do best. And in keeping with the class of the fest, you’ll want to make sure you shine on with elegance in everything you put out there. That’s why full-color flyers with eye-catching spot UV gloss accents, printed by, are the best choice when you’re looking to attract new faces to  your table.

One of the most talked about events at the festival this year is the “PIG OUT: Tailgate Style Party” at JCT Kitchen and Bar. It will feature lauded chefs from Florida, Mississippi, Texas, and Tennessee, as well as a few homegrown Georgia kitchen wizards. Diners who venture over to this down-home cooking event, with a focus on foods you’d find on the tailgate scene, are sure to be open to a wide range of dining ideas. While they’re on their way to the event, you can give them food for thought about where to enjoy their next meal. Hand them a special offer to check out your restaurant while they’re in town, and make sure every word counts by printing a flyer that’s as unique as your restaurant’s culinary prowess.Silk laminated business card with spot UV accent

The About South Dinner, taking place at the Atlanta History Center at $225 a plate, is another unique opportunity for your restaurant to reach an audience that has truly refined tastes (and tastebuds). Show up there with some elegant flyers printed with classy spot UV accents, and you’ll be putting your name in the hands of some serious diners who are bound to pay attention.’s spot UV printing is an affordable way to create a flyer that will make people look twice, three times, or four when they get a hold of your offer. The spot UV, or UV gloss printing process doesn’t actually utilize ink, but rather a plastic coating that makes it look as though your image or logo is popping off the page. We use the word “spot” because we only apply this coating in the “spots” specified in your design, so the information or imagery you want to highlight makes an impact. We’re the best in the business when it comes to using this technique, and our efficient printing technology allows us to offer the lowest prices on the specialty print process.

So don’t give attendees of the Atlanta Food & Wine Festival a flimsy flyer they’ll probably end up using to wipe barbecue sauce off of their faces. Give them a flyer that oozes importance and commands attention. Give them a high-quality business card printed with unique spot UV accents. Go here to order yours now.