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Go 3-D for the Bronx Heroes Comic-Con

Posted on: April 29th, 2013 by No Comments

If you are one of the vendors attending the Bronx Heroes Comic-Con this year, you’re in good company. We’re still weeks out, and vendor tables are nearly completely sold out. This convention, taking place on May 4th and 5th, has an excellent location inside the Bronx Library Center, which makes it a primary target for comic fiends all over New York City and beyond. The hungry comic-lovers who will swarm the convention are going to be looking for contacts who can help feed their habit, and they will have no shortage of options. If you are interested in making yourself stand out, whether you are a comic book dealer, an artist looking for a contract, a publisher, or a hobbyist looking to make primo connections, you’ll want to have outstanding business cards on hand. We’re talking truly outstanding. In fact, we’re talking 3-D. is one of the few printers that offers intensely visually interesting 3-D business cards, the perfect functional accessory for anyone interested in capturing the attention of attendees at a comic book convention. Think about it. No other audience is going to be quite as mesmerized by a 3-D business card as those who spend their time collecting and lusting over comic books and the like. Giving out 3-D business cards at such an event is a certain way to get noticed among the masses.3D business cards’s 3-D lenticular business cards are crafted from the finest materials on the market, and they’re resistant to wear and water (just in case Aquaman decides to splash you while you’re at the Bronx Library Center).

When you rotate the 3-D lenticular business cards in your hand, the surface will change with the shifting light. This allows the business card to showcase a series of actions. For a comic book collector, there’s the potential to use this business card format as a way to show something like a flipbook of activity. Since you have the option to feature up to three images that will appear in sequence as you rotate the card in the light, you might, for example, include three images of a superhero in various stages of flight, beating up a bad guy, or zapping someone with lightning beams. The possibilities are endless, and the more creative you can get with your design, the more heads you will turn at the Bronx Heroes Comic-Con this year.

When you print your 3-D business cards with, your futuristic-looking card will contain lenticular images, which are digitally interlaced pictures embedded with rows of optical grade mini-lenses. When you move the card from side to side, these lenses will capture and focus light on various sets of strips on the surface of the card, magnifying whatever image is there. Show the 3-D lenticular card from different angles, and it will look as though the image on your card is truly moving and shifting. As interesting as attendees of the Bronx Heroes Comic Con may be, no matter what crazy costumes you encounter and what insane comic book creations you witness, you can be sure no one will have business cards quite as interesting as yours. Think hard about what images you’ll choose to represent your business, and order your 3-D business cards at now to be sure you have them in time for the convention. They’re available in quantities of 1,000 or more for a ridiculously affordable price, so stock up so that you’ve got plenty to give out for the next event or industry trade show you attend.