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Flyers for Easter

Posted on: March 27th, 2013 by No Comments

Easter may not be the most scintillating of holidays (unless you’re in elementary school and you have chocolate bunnies, Peeps, and egg hunts to look forward to). But the Easter break does give people enough pause to let them relax their minds, bodies, and budgets just a bit. If you own a business, this springtime holiday is a great opportunity to help people figure out what to do with their vacation hours and the leisure-time dollars they have swirling around in their pockets. But an important factor in whether you’ll succeed in drawing them in is whether or not you reach them. The next part of the puzzle is making a lasting impact when you do get the customer in your grasp. Below, we’ll talk about how to achieve both of these objectives by printing and distributing targeted Easter flyers.

If you’ve been thinking about launching a promotion or a sales event at your store or business, the Easter holiday is a great time to do it.Sample of a Easter Sunday Flyer Design Except for dinner or maybe mass, most people don’t have a ton of things to do on Easter Sunday, and they’ll be looking for leisurely activities to fill up their free time. So don’t miss the opportunity to suggest some fun shopping or other activities to this easily-targeted group.

If you are willing to be a little creative, there is virtually no business that cannot benefit from printing flyers for the Easter holiday. Seeing as it is a day that’s generally associated with family, though, businesses that can keep groups occupied can make this day work especially well.  Bowling alleys can play on the Easter egg theme, printing flyers that feature bowling balls in pastel Easter colors, for example. Heck, if you have a good graphic designer on hand, he or she might even be able to create a design where the pins are made to look like pink, blue, yellow, and purple Easter bunnies. Pair a design like that with a special promotion – like every third person in your group bowls free, for example, or families get a free pitcher of iced tea or a free food item – and you’ll be speaking a language that cash-strapped parents understand.

In keeping with the Easter theme, women’s clothing stores might print flyers for Easter that offer a discount on all the pink stuff in the store. Diners might print flyers featuring, once again, Easter eggs, offering a low price on breakfast dishes that include eggs, for example. Gyms can promote themselves on Easter by printing flyers that feature a really buff, mean-looking bunny, and offering an Easter special — maybe waiving the sign-up fee, offering a free month, or rewarding new members with a free personal training session.

Graphic Design Ideas for EasterEaster is also a great holiday for the beauty industry. Salons can play with the idea of the Playboy bunny when designing flyers. Yes, that’s right, with just the right amount of creativity, the Easter holiday can even be made sexy! On a leisurely Easter day, many women would like nothing more than to waltz into a nail or hair salon to take advantage of a special Easter offer. Flyers featuring pretty hands with pastel-painted nails, or sexy bunnies with poofy, coiffed manes and thick black eyelashes are bound to wow potential customers with the cute factor. And spas would do well to offer Easter massage or service specials, as well.

Practical businesses can also take advantage of the Easter holiday. For busy Americans, a day off is a good time to get the car serviced, take care of home improvements, and catch up on household shopping. So if you can, you’ll want to not only keep your business doors open through the Easter holiday, but also advertise your availability to maximize the customers you can draw in over the holiday weekend.