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Flyers for Medical Dispensaries

Posted on: December 28th, 2012 by No Comments

If you’re in the business of pharmaceuticals or medical dispensary, you face a unique challenge in your advertising efforts. See, obviously you want people to be aware of your existence. But you don’t want to put out neon and flashing signs like you’re a casino on the Vegas strip. When you’re dealing drugs, even legal drugs, there’s a fine line between making your presence known and making your business look clownish or desperate. You can avoid both of these pitfalls by representing your business with tasteful marketing materials. Here are some tips for designing a winning flyer for your pharmacy or medical dispensary.

•    Stick to the facts.
People who go to pharmacies and medical dispensaries don’t go there for kicks. They go there because they need to. If they don’t go to your pharmacy, they will go to another one. So use the limited space you haveA business card for a medical center on your flyer to emphasize key points that make your pharmacy superior to the others. Is your medical dispensary more convenient to reach than the competition? Do you have free and plentiful parking? If so, put these pieces of information on your flyer. Do you accept a wide range of insurance? That’s the kind of information people want to know – put it up top on your flyer! Do you offer cheaper generics for most prescriptions? Do you have better prices than the competition on popular prescriptions? If so, that should feature prominently on your flyer. Maybe your pharmacy is strongest in cleanliness and customer service. People are interested in stuff like that. Put yourself in the shoes of the potential customer who is shopping for a pharmacy. As you can imagine, his or her primary concerns are going to be a) saving money, b) convenience, c) reliability, friendliness, and cleanliness. Put information that addresses these points in easy and clear view at the top of your flyer!

•    Choose colors that convey strength and dependability.
As we mentioned above, screaming neon may catch the eye, but it does not impart an image of stability and trustworthiness. Colors that do conjure up feelings of trust are blue, green, gray, and purple. These colors are cooler and they subconsciously turn people’s thoughts to the ideas of water and nature. These are positive associations to make when it comes to medical matters. On the contrary, orange, red, yellow, and other “hot” colors can induce feelings of anxiety. This is not to say that you should never use these colors in designing a flyer for a medical dispensary or pharmacy, but it would be a good idea to use them as contrasting accents rather than as the main tone for your design.

•    Don’t clutter your flyer.
There is surely a lot to know about your pharmacy. But be sure to whittle down all the history and little-known facts about your store to the bare essentials so as not to overwhelm the recipient of your flyer. Try to use bullet points to make it easier for your readers to locate and digest essential information. And above all, do not bury key points like your phone number, address, website address, and hours of operation!

•    Use premium design elements.
A medical center flyerTo further develop an image of class and respectability, you can wow your customers by going the extra mile in your flyer design. Using a nice thick 16pt cardstock is one idea; adding spot UV elements to create depth on your flyer is another. You can also consider foil stamping, which adds metallic accents to the face of your flyer. You can use foil stamping to make it look like your flyer is decorated with medals, gold stars, or other symbols of honor, for example. Whatever elements you choose, your customers will appreciate the care you took in designing a high-quality flyer, and they will associate your store with attention to detail – which is very important when you operate in the medical field.

If the task of designing your own flyer seems overwhelming, don’t worry – for a very low cost, some printing companies will assist you with the design process and make it easy for you to have the flyers you want in your hands and ready to pass out or mail out before you know it. So don’t be shy – get the ball rolling on your flyer today, and see your new customers roll in as soon as tomorrow.