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How to Use Stickers for Inexpensive Promotion

Posted on: November 27th, 2012 by No Comments

Next to eye-catching T-shirts, hot sticker designs are probably the most coveted marketing item you can create – especially if you’re trying to draw attention to your band, venue, art, or charitable cause. The great advantage stickers have over clothing is that they cost about 1/90th of the price to produce. But what makes for a good sticker design? What ventures go well with sticker promotion? Here are some ideas to get you started.

  1. Small and simple vinyl stickers

Next time you’re cruising around, take a gander at other cars’ bumper stickers. You may notice that there’s a trend toward smaller bumper stickers and away from the old monstrous ones that took up the entire back of a car. Small, cute vinyl bumper stickers are king these days.

One of the most popular and the simplest stickers to create are the “abbreviation” stickers everyone’s sporting. They are usually used to denote a place name, like “NYC” for New York, or “ADK” for the Adirondack Park. But if your band is called “Tin Can Sally,” you can play on the same idea to make a simple black and white “TCS” sticker to give to fans at your shows. People will undoubtedly ask, “What’s TCS stand for?” when they see it on their friends’ cars, which will spark a discussion that could easily lead to your getting some new faces on your next show – or some additional hits to your band’s website.

          2.  Graffiti-inspired stickers

Full color white vinyl stickerNot everyone has the skills to create great street art. But almost everyone has the skills to peel a sticker off its backing and put it on something else. You can create a promo item for your business that’s also a funky piece of art work, and recipients will be eager to put your sticker in a prominent place like their car, guitar case, bookshelf, or refrigerator. If you’re not a graphic artist yourself, then seek out someone who is – believe it or not, many great graffiti artists are not rolling in loot and will be happy to take a paid commercial job. Other spins on this idea are Japanese-inspired cartoon characters or abstract art designs.

          3.  Your art on a sticker

This idea might offend some artists, while others will be all for it. For those who would be willing to miniaturize and mass produce their work, however, it can be a great way to spread intrigue about your art. If you have a gallery show, have paper stickers of your favorite piece printed and place them on the front desk near your business cards. Guests will stick your sticker on their possessions, inviting curiosity from artistic friends, which will then spark discussions about your work. Again, this will provoke thoughtful observers to visit your website and possibly attend your next event, opening up the possibility of your selling some paintings, sculptures, or drawings.

            4.  Your cause on a sticker

Whether you’re trying to get out the vote or motivate people to give blood, small paper stickers that can be applied to a T-shirt to show loyalty or participation are an excellent and inexpensive promotional item. When people see “I voted,” or “I saved a life today,” stuck on another person’s chest, they will be moved to join the cause. Similarly, those awarded these stickers (even if they are full-blown adults) will feel a sense of pride when they receive their “prizes.” It’s a win-win, and all for only about 10 cents a pop when you work with an affordable high-quality printer like Elite Flyers.