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3-D Business Cards Are All the Rage

Posted on: September 19th, 2012 by No Comments

In recent years, 3-D movies have proven themselves to be far from a resurrected fad. It’s now clear that the technology has earned lasting love and has even become the preferred way to watch movies, not just for kids but for adults, too. The latest superhero movies and end-of-the-world films are obvious forums for displaying the technology, but now even arthouse and indie films are putting the technique to work. Audiences are intrigued by 3-D, and some companies have figured out ways to bring 3-D optics to smart phones, home television… and now even your business card.

3-D lenticular business cards are a mesmerizing way to set your brand or business apart from the two-dimensional competition. While they obviously don’t play full-length 3-D movies on their surfaces (maybe Elite Flyers will release that technology next year…), they do depict pop-out graphics that shine, dazzle, and change as you rotate the surface of the card in the light. First you might see a surfer gearing up to tackle a killer wave. Rotate the card a few degrees and he’s actually riding high on top of that wave. And then one frame later he and his board are riding in the tunnel of watery space beneath that same wave, and off into the sunset. Before 3-D lenticular business cards, this kind of storytelling could only be achieved through video or illustration, requiring that viewers check your business out online or on TV. But now that this scaled-down version of 3-D technology has become so accessible, you can literally put it right into your contacts’ hands, so they can be blown away anywhere you happen to meet them – no download or on-button necessary.

So what is this technology, and how does it work? The lenticular (lenticular, by the way, means relating to the lens of the eye) images are digitally interlaced little pictures that are embedded with rows of optical grade miniature lenses. These images focus light on various sets of strips on the surface of the card and magnify whatever image is there. When you view the 3-D lenticular image from different angles, the illusion of moving is created. This means that your 3-D lenticular business card can be used like a flip-book to show a series of actions – except all on a single, tiny surface people can tuck into their wallets and take with them everywhere.

If this kind of card seems gimmicky to you, we can understand. There are fields of business that these cards just don’t make sense for. Tax attorneys, hazardous waste disposal companies, and morticians probably don’t really need a 3-D business card. But anyone in a field that requires motion and/or change – from personal trainers to entertainers to plastic surgeons, hairdressers, artists, and interior designers – could make good creative use out of these cards. A flashy card like one of these 3-D lenticular models often means that your card will be viewed many more times than the average business card. Many recipients will be eager to show friends and relatives how “neat” your 3-D card is, and that kind of exposure can only lead to more connections and eventually more business for you.

It’s true – 3-D business cards aren’t the cheapest route to take when you’re printing your business card. But if you’re willing to make a small investment in creating an innovative design and choosing a daring and exciting new business card format, you’d be making the right choice by picking this style. Take your networking efforts into the next dimension today!


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