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Posted on: September 14th, 2012 by No Comments

Poster printing is making a resurgence, and we think it has something to do with the hipster movement. You know, “what’s old is new…” “I don’t conform to new ideas of marketing…” that sort of thing. But you don’t have to sport ironic eyewear, tote a Transformers lunch box to work, or walk around with a calculatedly greasy hairdo in order to use posters to promote your business, band, initiative, or even to sell as a souvenir item. Here’s the rundown on posters – the sizes we offer at Elite Flyers, the thickness of the materials, the quantities available, and some ideas for maximizing the effectiveness of your poster printing project.

Here are the two print job types we offer.

A: If you just want a short stack of posters:

Elite Flyers offers small quantities of 12”x18” small-size full color posters at a ridiculously low cost – just $1.50 per poster, with a minimum order of just 10. These posters are printed on high quality 10pt cardstock. Their size makes them great for posting on telephone poles (where legal), bulletin boards, classroom walls and halls, around the workplace, in the student union, or on walls and winA tuxedo posterdows of local businesses (with permission, obviously).

B: If you want a sh*t ton of posters:

We also do large quantities of posters in larger sizes and at a lesser cost per poster. The minimum quantity we print on each of these sizes is 1000. Here’s the list:

13×19   Minimum order of 1000  –   100lb magazine stock  :::    1000  =   $475.00
18×24   Minimum order of 1000  –   100lb magazine stock  :::    1000  =  $525.00  
24×36   Minimum order of 1000  –   100lb magazine stock  :::    1000  =  $980.00  

If you’re launching a campaign, promoting a concert or music festival, distributing a public service message, or selling your posters as souvenir items on your website or in your store, these large quantities are clearly the way to go. Here’s a look at three good reasons to print posters.

  1. To sell them.

If you’re an artist, part of a band, or just freaking clever, you can design and print posters that people will want to buy. To stay on the theme of hipsters, let’s say you can come up with some incredibly ironic, catchy phrase or statement. Print that on a poster and sell it, whether at the local café, your own webstore, or at a fair or festival. If you print on our 13×19 smaller posters and sell each one at $5 each, you’ll be making a 1000 percent profit. That’s pretty decent, wouldn’t you say? Don’t forget that kids are consumers too. If you can print cute and cuddly posters and put them in a place kids go with their parents, you have a shot on turning a profit with those as well.

  1. To increase awareness.

Sometimes people just refuse to take notice of an issue until it’s staring them in the face. Posters are a good way to rush your message right into your audience’s faces, all over town. A big, bold message announcing free STD tests, a canned food drive, the evils of puppy mills, and the million other worthy causes that exist in our world will get noticed if it’s plastered on the walls where concerned citizens may roam.

  1. As a fun project for students or childrenAn ultra poster

Since Elite Flyers offers small quantities of posters, you can turn poster printing into a fun art project for kids from three to 23, or whenever they leave the house these days. Kids can draw or paint their posters on normal paper, with paint brushes, pencils, crayons or any medium they like. You then scan their art and create an image file you can send to us to print. Alternatively, tech-savvy kids can use computer programs to create digital art. You can help them ready the file for printing and send it along to us to turn into personalized posters, just for them and the special people they decide to give them to.

So there you have it. You don’t have to be the poster child for the hipster movement to dig posters. But we welcome business from hipsters, too, just to be clear.

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