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Create Unity with Custom Printed Collaterals for the Workplace

Posted on: August 30th, 2012 by No Comments

It’s hard to deny that the average workplace – and the world – has gotten more casual these days. Dress-down Fridays seem to have bled into the rest of the work week; whereas a three-piece suit was the common uniform for most desk jockeys 30 years ago, today a typical workaday guy would probably be exceeding dress code standards by pulling on a polo shirt and khaki pants. These kinds of casual clothes are certainly more comfortable than the stuffy suits of yesteryear, and it would be plausible to argue that the extra comfort could facilitate happier employees and increased productivity.

But that wouldn’t necessarily be true. Some polls have shown that slacker dress codes lead to slacker behavior on the part of employees, and many successful executives swear by the adage that you should “dress for the job you want.”

Regardless of our opinions on the matter, dress codes are going the way of the dodo. As employees are given more and more freedom of expression in their dress, the workplace can start to look more and more heterogeneous. This can bring a lively, exciting energy to any office, but it also has the potential to create a feeling that the company lacks cohesion.

One way to combat this “unglued” feeling is to bring uniformity to other aspects of the office – the “aspects” that don’t have strong personal tastes and diverse fashion sense. For example, the mouse pads, letterheads, envelopes, presentation folders, memo pads, and pens. Here’s a rundown of some of our most popular custom-printed office products so you can bring an element of continuity to an otherwise eclectic workplace.A custom printend mouse pad

Mouse Pads

Custom printed mouse pads bearing the company logo can be a great way to remind employees that they’re part of a team. A vibrant design bearing the company name can boost enthusiasm every time the employee glances downward while opening a new tab on his or her desktop. Print some extra mouse pads and your employees can take one home for personal use or to give to a child. lets you choose between eight different mouse pad colors and nine different print colors, providing 72 possible color combos for whatever visual effect you desire. The pads measure 7.5×8.5 inches and .15 of an inch thick, providing just enough cushion without a lot of added bulk. If your design requires more colors or other special requests, just fill out a custom quote form and we’ll do our best to accommodate your needs.


In any office that requires frequent correspondence, it’s a great idea to have some official printed letterheads around. Using custom-printed letterheads allows you to quickly “brand” company communications, lending proof of authenticity to all letters. It also gives you the chance to track your own correspondence; a quick glance at any letter printed on custom letterhead paper will be enough to surmise whether it came from your office or not. Letterheads and other custom stationery – like pre-printed envelopes to match – make things easy on your office and give a sense of strong organization that permeates all your important correspondence. offers custom-printed full color letterheads with either one or two sides printed.

Presentation Folders

Whatever project is underway, it will all look more official when it’s nestled nicely inside a company-specific presentation folder. Within the office, these again foster a sense of solidarity. When out “in the field,” these sharp-looking folders carry the company message loud and clear, for every onlooker to see. They can be printed with a UV glossy finish or without, with one pocket or two, and with an optional business card slot on the inside.

Memo Pads

Your staff will literally be plastering your company name all over the place if you supply them with custom-printed sticky memo pads with the company logo printed in the corner.’s sticky mini notepads start at size 4.25”x5.5” and range all the way up to 8.5”x11”. You can also choose 25 or up to 50 sheets per pad.

Custom pensCustom Printed Pens

As we all know, pens have a way of sprouting legs and running off. Okay, actually, just people like to steal pens! At least let them steal pens with your company name printed on them so you can spread the word about your business, even as you’re lining a pen thief’s pockets. offers “classic” retractable ball point pens and “promo pens” printed in quantities from 100 to 1,000 in 16 different styles (ink color, barrel color, and barrel style combinations).

Filling your office with this company schwag will really make a difference in letting your employees know that you have strong pride in the business – even though that (thankfully) doesn’t mean they have to come to work in neck-wringing monkey suits every day.