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When a Business Card is more than a Business Card

Posted on: July 18th, 2012 by No Comments

Because of the volume in which printing companies print business cards, they are one of the lease expensive marketing materials you can find. Why not exploit this situation to the advantage of your business? The business card format can do a lot more than carry your name and contact info. Check out these ideas for creative use of this inexpensive marketing tool.

Punch Cards

You’ve seen them around: those little cards that coffee shops give away with their drinks. “Buy eight, get one free,” is the message, and every time a customer buys a beverage, another punch is made on the card. The business card size and shape is perfect for creating your own version of these customer incentive cards. Just be sure to secure a unique hole punch (in the shape of a heart, for example) or stamp to ensure customers earn their free gift fair and squarely.

Customer Survey Cards

The business card format is perfect for harboring a short customer survey through which you can conduct your own market “research.” Large surveys are intimidating and look annoying, but you can print a few simple questions and a space to answer through a rating system (say, one to five stars) on a little 2” by 3.5” card that customers with even the shortest attention spans would not sA business card that can be used as a couponhy away from.

Promo Cards/Coupons

As a less expensive and more portable alternative to flyers, you can print promotional messages as a business card project. Create a business card-sized “complimentary drink” coupon to promote your lounge, to guarantee free entry to a club, or as a little certificate for ten percent off your purchase.


Instead of printing spools of tickets, consider saving yourself some money by printing business card-sized tickets for your event. This gives you the added benefit of more freedom with your design; you can add identifying elements like full-color foil accents, or even print your “ticket” on plastic business card stock instead of card.

Business cards as tickesCalendar of Upcoming Events

You can make it convenient for your customers to access information on what’s happening at your business by printing a wallet-sized calendar of upcoming events. This handy size beats full-page calendars in the convenience department by far. Print a small three or six month calendar with important dates highlighted. This works especially well for marking special sale events, concerts, or seminars. Consider printing a small magnet for this same purpose.

These are just a few of the possibilities when you expand your use of the business card print format. Get creative and have fun with the design process – and save yourself some money along the way!