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Three Ways to Tie Your Business Card and Other Printed Collaterals to Your Twitter Account

Posted on: July 3rd, 2012 by No Comments

First of all, your business should have a Twitter account. Period. Even if your industry is not geared toward the younger set, it doesn’t matter. Everyone, young and old, is capable of social networking, and you’d be surprised at how many savvy gray-haired consumers and professionals are hitting the Tweetosphere on a daily basis.

That said, you are missing a divine opportunity to spread your business’s name and message much further and wider in cyberspace than you can in the “real world” if you don’t connect your business card, brochures, flyers,and any other printed collateral with your Twitter account. People will often find their ways to your online presence as a result of an in-person meeting. This is where your business card can act as a bridge between reality and virtual reality and all the added information and opportunities for increased business that it affords. You can also put your virtual business card directly on your Twitter account. Here is how to get the job done:Full color foil flyers, Printed collateral

1. Put Your Twitter Account on Your Business Card
In ensuring that clients and contacts will find you on Twitter, this is obviously an essential step. Along with your name, number, and email address, your Twitter account should find a home on your business card. You can set it apart, placing it on the back of the card, or list it in with the aforementioned information. The choice is yours, but make sure your placement is both aesthetically pleasing and easy to see.

2. Make Your Twitter Account a Virtual Business Card
Your Twitter account is another opportunity to create interest in and brand your business. Include your name, phone number, address, and links to important info about you and your company. Your web address and your Facebook page should all be listed on your Twitter. This way, your Twitter account acts as a basic hub from which people are easily directed to additional sites of interest related to your business.

3. Use TwtBizCard
There’s an app that pulls your company’s online info into a virtual business card. You simply have to go to and follow the simple steps to connect your Twitter account with the app. It will create a shell for your business card using the Twitter bio, avatar, updates, and follower accounts you have supplied your Twitter account with. You can edit the virtual card as much as you want and at any time. With TwtBizCard’s clever technology, exchanging business cards on the web takes seconds. Just @reply to any Twitter name of interest with the hashtag #twtBizCard.

Connecting your business card to your Twitter account creates an easy online/offline merger of your company’s image and accessibility. It adds credibility with many web users. It’s also an easy and cost-free way to increase the visibility and reach of your marketing efforts.